Commenter of the Month for November (and December I suppose)

Hi guys! I'm back from the void! :P I didn't really want to take a break from the Internet - honest! - but my mom and brother stayed over at our place for Christmas and I was busy entertaining them. We had a blast watching old movies and eating SO MUCH. I had a headache and an upset tummy to show for it but my Christmas was happy nonetheless.

Anyway, I want to quickly announce the Commenter of the Month - she's Eula. I appreciate her useful feedback and little tips, so she gets my hand-selected Snoe gift set. :D I will also give a special gift to Miz Eloise and BrownOso just because.

I will hold off giving a CoM prize for December as it's rather late already. I want to reset to the beginning of each month for announcing the gift so there would be less confusion. Thus, I will announce the Commenter of the Month gift on January 1st, so stay tuned! :) Hint: brushes!