Budget Beauty: Under P700 face mists that we're loving right now

I was late to the face mist party as was the rest of my skincare routine. Liz shared about getting into the misting habit as early 2013, which unfortunately was circa 3 BB (Before Beauty) for me. Now that I regularly use mists, I wish I’d started using them earlier! Before I thought face mists were just an excuse for beauty brands to sell overpriced water in a spray bottle. When I finally got to try it though, I was de-mist-ified as to why they’re so popular. Good ones truly do hydrate my skin whether I'm wearing makeup or not.

Still, I’m glad that I got into it when I did, as I’m so spoiled for choices. I’ve tried quite a few PV-approved mists, as well as awesome finds for under P500. Here are more mists that deserve to be in our radar!

Protect your skin with more SPF

I love multi-tasking products, and Happy Skin’s Catch the Sun On The Go Hydrating UV Mist (P699 for 50ml at Happy Skin) is definitely one of them. Since writing an article on common sunscreen mistakes, I’ve been more conscious about making sure my skin gets the protection it needs from the sun. This mist helps me make that happen with its SPF 35 PA++ protection! I find that it works well both under and over makeup, as well as the rest of my body for on-the-go reapplication.

This has a pretty fine spray for a non-aerosol mist. I like that it distributes product evenly on my face, which makes it a great setting spray, but I do wonder if it really affords full SPF 35 protection considering that I don’t drench my face with it. I try to avoid over-spraying when I use it over makeup, as the light matte finish it promises turns dewy with thicker application. Also, even though the spray has alcohol content, it doesn’t feel drying on my skin - probably because of its hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 content.

I don't rely on this solely for UV protection; I still use a separate sunscreen for my face and body. This is just great for retouching!


Soothe your sensitized skin

Being sensitive can be an excellent quality to have as a well-adjusted human being. I can’t say the same, unfortunately, for skin. I try to exercise caution when trying out new skincare, but up to this day I still fall prey to getting bad reactions from certain skincare ingredients. My skin would flare up even outside of my misguided product applications, triggered by things like dust and strong perfume. Thankfully, I’d discovered that aloe vera extract soothes my troubled skin. Aloe vera gels have done wonders for calming my inflamed skin. The only troublesome thing about it is that it's impractical to haul tubs whenever I go out of the house.

I’m already on my second bottle of Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Mist (P275 for 150ml at Nature Republic). I love how aloe vera leaf extract comes first in its ingredients list, and is even specifically listed as comprising 92% of the mixture. It does the work of a soothing, hydrating mist. Still, I’m a little bothered that alcohol is second in the ingredients list. The good news is that I came across an alcohol-free alternative that’s proudly local to boot!

Aloe vera leaf juice is listed as the second ingredient in Human Heart Nature’s Hydrating Face Mist (P250 for 50ml at HHN), the first one being water. I personally find this a tad more hydrating than Nature Republic’s. Its handy size also makes it easier to slip into my purse, and so it has become a permanent resident of my travel kikay kit.


Get into a better mood

It was easy to find mists that help protect and soothe my skin, but on top of that I’ve also found mists that uplift my spirits! Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist (P379 for 50ml and P685 for 150ml at BeautyMNL) keeps branding on-point, as its calming green tea scent quite literally helps keep me inis-free, LOL. A fine spray dispenses its unique blend of green tea, flower (Japanese camellia and orchid), plant (prickly pear), and fruit (satsuma mandarin) extracts in a continuous stream, thanks to its aerosol packaging.


Another mist that keeps me in a good mood is TonyMoly’s Pocket Bunny Moist Mist (P428 for 60ml at TonyMoly). I mean, just look at it! One glance at that cute pink bunny will have you smiling. It’s not just the packaging that does it for me, either. If you’re a fan of fruity scents, you’ll definitely like its mix of peach, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry extracts. It also delivers good hydration, courtesy of sodium hyaluronate and baobab extract.

It’s no wonder my appreciation for facial mists has grown over time. They do wonders for the skin, my makeup, and even my personal disposition. Do you feel the same about mists? What are your all-time favorites, and why?