Benefit's Holiday 2015 sets will take your party look up a notch

Tis the season to bust out your makeup chops and put on the looks you've been dying to wear! Christmas parties and family reunions can be more fun if you're trying out something new, don't you think? It makes for gorgeous pictures at least. ;) This year, you might want to try out Benefit's Holiday Sets and the so-fab-it's-criminal Bling Brows. There are different sets just for the eyes, skin, cheeks, lips, and combinations of best-sellers. 

There are a lot of options to wade through, but allow me to simplify your decision-making process with these two haha. My favorites are the Real Cheeky Party Kit (P2,400) and the 12-Day Party Poppers Set (P2,400). The blush set is such a great buy because it contains five of Benefit's cult colors (Dandelion, Coralista, Rockateur, Sugar Bomb), a Watts Up! Highlighter, They're Real Mascara, and They're Real Liner. These are the blushes you'll need for one whole year at least!

The Party Poppers Set contains 12 deluxe samples of Benefit's forever best-sellers. It's a great opportunity to try out smaller sizes before you commit to the full-sized ones. In my experience, one of these are good for up to 10-15 uses depending on the product. Not bad, really! I also love bringing them whenever I travel.

As it happens, I'm giving away one of Benefit's holiday sets, the Pret-A-Party, to the lucky Commenter of the Month for December. Details and mechanics here!

Another exciting thing to try out from Benefit would be the Bling Brow. This limited edition set contains 36 Swarovski® crystals in two colors and sizes. They're self-adhering so you can do them at home and take them off whenever you feel like. I think they're a fab way to draw attention to your eyes, especially if you took a long time doing your brows and eyeshadows. You know what I mean!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.27.35 AM.png

Jared Bailey, Benefit's Global Brow Expert, graced the launched for the Bling Brow last month. He's such a character and an event becomes more light-hearted whenever he's on stage! He showed us three looks that we can do with the set: Flashy Lashes, Pop O' Precious, and Brilliant Brows.

To achieve Flashy Lashes, start by placing one small crystal above your inner-most lashes and one above your outer-most lashes…then place the rest evenly in between, following your lashline. You may use lash glue if you want to re-use the crystals or have them stay on all day.

For just a touch of bling, apply a single small or large crystal outside the corner of each eye. Lining your eyes? Wing it out & place the crystal at the very end. Pop O' Precious is perfect for those who just want a bit of crystal to catch the light.

To get Brilliant Brows, apply three crystals, evenly spaced, along brow bone. Begin under brow arch and finish at end of brow. Select crystal size based on how blingy you want to be!

So there you go gals! Hope you enjoyed looking through what Benefit has to offer this season. ^_^ I'd love to know if you got any of the sets and how you're loving them so far!