What to do when your makeup wipe dries up on you

It happens to the best of us. After a long day out, we're about to remove our makeup. We go for wipes since they're the easiest and quickest to use. Alas, we forget to seal the packet properly. The next time we pull up the wipes, all of them have dried up! Now what to do?

Try this ridiculously simple trick: spritz your dry wipes with water. Use as much as you need to re-hydrate the dry wipes and they will be as good as new! I only realized this the other day when I was down to my last makeup wipe after playing tennis. It has dried, but I had no other makeup remover with me at that time. That's how I had the "brilliant" idea of re-wetting it with some water from the tap.

And wouldn't you know - the wipe functioned as it does normally. ^_^ All the other ingredients are still there except for the water and alcohol content, so putting back a bit of water should re-activate the emollients in the wipe. I would recommend using distilled water though if you're concerned about sanitation.

Now this may be something you've been doing for a while but I hope you can indulge my small eureka moment haha! Hope you found the tip useful!