Benefit's magical and massive eyebrow line will make you FEEL things

Do you like being dazzled? We sure do. And that’s exactly how it felt when we stepped into Revel at The Palace for the media launch of Benefit’s lightning hot brow collection!

The swanky lounge-slash-nightclub was transformed into what felt like a girl’s night out just for the occasion. The roving (topless!) male models, magicians, and dancers made it a fun and cheeky event. It felt like a place where you could go and be full-on kikay with like-minded ladies. Fun, witty, (a little) naughty, girly-girl, and innovative. Benefit wanted to go all-out for the launch, going as far as to fly in Jared Bailey, Benefit’s Global Brow Expert, to share the exciting new products with the rapt kilay-obsessed audience.

Benefit global brow expert Jared Bailey

Benefit global brow expert Jared Bailey

Jared discussed the typical brow issues faced by Benefit users and how they’ve redesigned Benefit’s popular brow line to expand and address those problems. What’s more, there are now more colors available to accommodate a wider range of hair colors. Behold, it’s “Abracadabrow”!

So, let’s talk common brow troubles. You have sparse brows, eh? Reach for the BROWVO! Conditioning Primer. It’s a clear gel that acts as a brow serum, so you can use it before makeup or before bed. We love that the Benefit brow routine now starts with primer because we like our bases covered. The tiny comb applicator is the soft silicon type, making it feel like you’re only grooming your brow hair as you normally would.

Do you feel like you have wonky brows refuse to conform to a recognizable brow shape? Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil may look like it’s used for surgery or crafting, but it’s actually a dual-ended, automatic pencil that will help map your brows and fill in sparse areas. The brow pencil's tip is super-fine that you can create hair-like strokes for a subtle, multi-dimensional effect, while the other end is a spoolie brush. And guess what? It’s waterproof with a 12-hour wear time!

Are uneven, patchy brows a constant bother to your makeup routine? The Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil makes it a helluva lot easier! Another dual-ended, sharpener-free brow must-have, the sword-shaped end makes it easy-peasy to fill-in those brows and perfect that elusive tail. Good news to those who need gym brows: This is also waterproof and can stand up to 12 hours of wear.

Ungroomed brows are driving you cray? Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit is the old fave with a new spin. Aside from the retro-inspired silver packaging, the wax + powder compact now comes in six shades where there were once only three.

If there’s frizzy hair, then there are also unruly eyebrows that point every which way! Ready, set, BROW! will keep those stray hairs in check and set the rest of your brow makeup. It’s a clear gel that will be able to maintain its hold for up to 24 hours. You can party from morning 'til night, and still have brows on fleek until you take them off.

For brows are on the thin and skimpy side, this is how to deal: grab a tube of Gimme Brow. It’s a brow mascara that contains volumizing microfibers to make each hair strand look thicker and fuller for a more lush appearance. This remake of the previous Gimme Brow now features three shades.

Are you the type to prefer “painting” your brows in? Ka-brow! will come in handy. The packaging is amazing as the angled brush applicator is cleverly concealed in plain sight. The cream-gel formula is also buildable.

To highlight the browbone, the High Brow line has gotten a makeover. High Brow and High Brow Glow feature the same selection between matte and pearly, but with reformulations to make the application feel more luxurious. Some beauty gurus suggest matte brow highlighters, while others insist that shimmery is the way to go. Take your pick!

What sorcery is this?! With this massive spread of Benefit brow products, we bet you'll find the perfect solution to your kilay problems. The new collection will be available starting July, and we think it’s going to be worth the wait! 

What are your brow woes? Which new Benefit brow product do you think will be the best remedy for it?