Benefit Cosmetics Week: Gimme Brows in Medium/Dark

Sigh, I'm right in the middle of having them one of those insanely busy days. But, I always have time to blog! Even if it's just 30 minutes. :P Today I'd like to show you the Benefit Gimme Brows Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel (P1,000+). I remember loving the Brow Zings so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this one. 

Gimme Brows promises to define, shape, and volumize your brows in go. True enough, this does it for me! It's long-wearing too and hardly fades even when I'm out all day. It's pretty easy to use with such a small wand - you get a lot of room to shade small sparse areas and to build them up in segments if you wish.

The texture is watery and coverage is sheer upon initial application. It's definitely not your typical brow mascara in that regard! Others would be thick so you can't really go back to re-do certain areas, plus they rather dry up quickly. Gimme Brows is buildable and gives me enough time to work with it. 

It's a brow mascara that I think beginners would love. ^_^ My only minor complaint though is that Medium/Dark is darker than I'd like on my own brows. My hair as you see isn't really black, it's more of a dark brown, so I avoid taupe-blackish colors on my brows. Not to say that Medium/Dark isn't pretty on me - it looks good - but I'd prefer to try a lighter shade from this line.

If you have really black hair, I do think this'll suit you perfectly!

It looks fine, I know!

Overall, I highly recommend the Benefit Gimme Brows Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel to girls who have thin eyebrows and need a way to thicken them up without it looking fake. It's idiot-proof too, so it's not gonna be an issue if it's your first time to play with a legit brow mascara. ;) Great stuff!

Thoughts? Does this sound like something you'd need?