MAC Autumn-Winter 2012 Trends Presentation

Yesterday I attended the MAC AW12 Trends Presentation at the Mind Museum in The Fort. James Molloy, MAC's Director of Makeup Artisty for the Asia-Pacific Region, visited the country to talk about the latest trends in cosmetics. It's not new for brands to have makeup artists do a demo in an event, but I have to admit that I'm usually bored when this happens. There isn't a lot to learn from them especially when they insist on talking about the same old techniques.

Or maybe I'm just jaded. James Molloy, however, was incredibly inspiring. It was in the way he talked about makeup, the way he moved as he did the models' faces. He's enjoying himself and looked happy just talking about what's new in the makeup world! I really loved how he discussed the inspiration behind the four new looks that MAC has come up for the autumn-winter 2012 season.

There is a sense, a story if you may, behind each look. The first one that James demonstrated is Sense + Sensibility.

The gorgeous model in her to die for dress

Sense + Sensibility is "all about timeless classics done in a modern way - these are elements of makeup that never go out of fashion but simply get reinvented." That's the full brow, the red lip, subtle neutrals, and of course matte skin.

Healthy, sensible, honed, balanced, understated, elegant, effortless, and groomed: these are the key words for the look.

James applied a Prep + Prime highlighter on the undereyes, sides of the mouth, center of the face to create the illusion of fresh skin. Then he applied a liquid foundation to soften the shine and create matte but not flat skin.

Red lips forever

When the face makeup is set and done, James used the Cherry Lip Pencil all over as base then topped it off with the Lady Danger lipstick. Mental note: must get Lady Danger soon! It's such a loud solid red.

Fuller brows courtesy of a brown MAC eyeshadow. But you can use their Brow Set also.

Voila! Sense + Sensibility, as promised. It's something you can definitely wear to, well, anywhere. I would suggest a less red or maybe a pale lip for work.

The next model

The next look is called Hone Structure. It's about perfecting the contour and the highlight of one's face to create a "technical form of beauty". It's a precise look, but it's very natural-looking nonetheless. The focus is on a nude, sculptural face as a canvas for a precise eyebrow. Yes, brows are big this season so make sure they're always perfectly groomed and shaped!

James applying a contour shade on the sides of the model's face. Start from the line a bit above where your ears start. Move towards the center of your face, softening the pressure of your brush as you go further.

You should also apply contour on your temples for a more dimensional face.

Then, apply a pink blush with some gold on the apples of your cheeks, going towards the temple. Blend it with your contour so that you don't know where the blush begins and the contour ends. The model is wearing heavy contour here so that it will show up in the bright lights, but for everyday just use a lighter hand.

There you go! Perfectly contoured face.

The other two looks weren't demonstrated unfortunately, but here they are!

Roam-Antique is inspired by the bohemian woman who travels a lot and picks up a lot of beauty elements all over the world. We're not talking grungy, festival-going hipster here; we're talking grown-up, eccentric, ornate. Key shades are sepia, driftwood browns, sand, minerals, plum, cranberry, jewel metallic shades.

Last but not least, we have Arti-Tech. It's a look that plays heavily with eyeliner. Not the Twenties flapper, Forties feline, Fifties wings, Sixties flick, Seventies punk, Eighties new wave. No. Arti-Tech presents new ways to wear eyeliner - non-conformist, precise, inspired by the Orient.

There are so many versions of each look and I'm sure you'll love them all. :D I will be updating this with a PDF file of the makeup MAC did for recent fashion shows all over the world. For the meantime, I would love to know which one is your favorite!

Mine is Roam-Antique first then Sense + Sensibility second. I love all the looks though. It's been a while since I've been truly inspired by makeup, and it's all thanks to MAC and James Molloy. Hopefully I can do these looks soon and share them with you guys! :)