First impressions: Vitress Cuticle Coat

Last weekend was awesome. I went to Marco's birthday party (he's 30!). I played a ton of Atelier Meruru on the PS3. I rekindled my love for singing and playing the guitar. I recorded a few videos to show for it but since I'm not really, well, good, I don't want to upload to YouTube. I have a screencap though!

Feeling pop star

Aaaanyway. I'll have you know that I realy like my hair there. It's shiny and smooth! TMI but I just woke up when I started recording. Predictably, my hair was a mess! I didn't want to use my fave Kerastase Elixir Ultime since it's too expensive for something that I'll just do at home. You know what I mean. How many times have you chosen to use a cheap product instead of your high-end one for an activity that won't get you maximum exposure?

It's a girl thing. So yeah, I decided to try the Vitress Cuticle Coat. I think this has been sitting in a box somewhere for a few weeks now. I was reluctant to use it because the last time I tried Vitress - years ago - I didn't like how sticky and thick it was. But hey it's 2012. Perhaps they have reformulated?

And? Looks like it! The serum is thin, not overly sticky and greasy (although there is still that slight feel). I smoothed about half a pump of the Instant Relax Cuticle Coat on my hair distractedly. Checked the mirror. Did a double take. I loved how my hair looked like!

Interesteeeeeng. I will be using this cuticle coat more in the coming days to see how it does in the long run. If I still like it, I'll write a full review and will post a better picture. :) In the meantime, tell me how Vitress is working for you! Would love the feedback. Did you break out (my number one concern!)?

Let me know as usual.