What to wear: 2011 Fashion Trends


Last week, Net 25's morning show called Homepage invited me to talk about this year's upcoming fashion trends. Here's what we talked about! Enjoy.

What are the fashion trends or the "in" look for 2011?

If 2010 was all about the resurgence of 80's and early 90's trends, 2011 will be paying a lot of homage to two fashionable decades: the 60's and the 70's. 60's outfits will feature a lot of slim silhouettes, emphasized waists, long skirts and dainty shoes. The is looking like a proper lady.
60s trend
On the other hand, 70's fashion will involve a modern reinterpretation of bellbottoms, high-waisted trousers, silk shirts, and interesting prints. 
70s trends
Other trendy looks will be elegant punk with a lot of black and as well as minimalist clothes in neutral colors.
picture from Kookie Buhain
Some key fashion pieces will be sheer and lace fabrics, platform heels, accessories that provide a gorgeous pop of color, bellbottoms and capri pants. Animal print accents in shoes or accessories are a must.
What are best colors to wear this year?

Orange, mustard yellow, white/beige, khaki, pastels. Black never goes out of style. The trick to wearing colors this year is to pick a neutral base like white or black, then add a pop of unexpected color like mustard yellow or red. 
photo from thepoc.net
What are the fashion trends that never go out of style?

Well, those would be classic pieces that every woman needs. A little black or white dress is timeless and can be worn to any occasion with different shoes and accessories. A pair of jeans that flatters our waist, butt, and legs is a total must-have - I can't stress this enough. A lot of girls settle for crappy jeans just because they're cheap, but once you find a pair that fits like it's made for you, then you need not buy another pair again.
A white polo or t-shirt is also a must have, as well as shorts and maxi dresses during the summer.
Florals will never go out of style, as well as pumps and red lips.