Makeup looks to try this 2012

I've been googling 2012 trends like crazy lately - for work as well as for personal use. I came across some makeup looks that I find interesting and wearable enough to wear here so I want to share them with you! I'm sure you must already be bored with your usual looks (as am I) so listen up.

Bright pops of color. Bright colors will never really go away - it's just a matter of which color is on trend. For this year it seems that there will be a lot of yellows, aquas, and pinks for summer. I like this exaggerated cat-eye shape with yellow eyeliner on top. The pink lips and lapis nail polish adds to that festive yet utterly sophisticated theme.

The "London Look". Sullen and aloof, Londoners have that untouchable yet polished look down to a science. The hair is a little mussed, with deep-socketed eyes and barely tinted lips. Neutral colors are used in shadowing and rimming the eyes. Skin is matte with just a bit of glow while the lips are little toned down with some nude lipstick.

Eyeshadow on the tearducts. Again, bright colors, but this time the shade is applied in rather interesting way - on the lower inner corner of the eyes! I think this is a great look for any event where you want to make a simple statement. The rest of the face is left practically bare to let the eyes take the spotlight.

Nude. Nude is still a strong trend for 2012 in fashion, and this extends to makeup. For the nude look, use colors that are as close to your skin as possible, just offering the tiniest hint of contour at the eyes and cheeks. Lips are satin to matte - it seems that gloss and frost finishes are off the trend list for now.

Almond-shaped smoky eyes. Smoky eyes have a feral quality to them lately, don't you think? To get almond-shaped eyes line the inner half of your eye thinly and thicken it as you go outwards. End with a flick upwards. As for colors, dark purples and coppers seem to be hot for now.

And that's it! Which of these looks do you want to wear this year? :D

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