Five beauty trends from 2017 that's going strong in 2018

From the launch of an inclusive 40-shade foundation from Fenty to new K-beauty brands opening their doors locally, 2017 was indeed a fruitful year for beauty here in the PH. We also got to see some interesting trends; some have already come and gone but there are a few that look like they'll be here for an extended stay! 

Image via Summit Media

Image via Summit Media

Drunk Blush

Ever since Nadine Lustre’s drunk blush photo circulated online, Filipinos have been on a hunt for the best drugstore alternatives to recreate the Igari (drunk blush) look. The secret? Use red blush! As intimidating as it sounds, it's the perfect shade for capturing that natural flush. The trend also gave rise to the popularity of a teen beauty staple.


Lip Tints

The polbo and lip tint look we used to sport in high school turned into a hot trend when Ellen Adarna was spotted wearing it at the Star Magic Ball the year prior. It’s the quickest way to look fresh, plus the flexibility of tints allow them to be used on both lips and cheeks. Way to stretch a beauty budget, right? You can hoard tubes without putting a dent on your wallet but if you just want to pick up The Best, check out how these local finds fare.

Image via tvN

Image via tvN

K-Idol Beauty

2017 was also the year of the K-drama boom, with Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo taking over our social media. Seeing the actors' perfect glass skin had many of us scurrying to replicate their complex skincare and naturally glowy makeup! If the 10-step routine isn't a solution for you, remember that skin-like face bases, soft straight brows, and gradient lips may be the key elements for a Hallyu look but you don't necessarily need to use K-beauty products to achieve an FOTD worthy of an oppa.



Along with the rest of the world, the PV team fell in love with all the different types of masks! Whether in sheet, clay, or peel-off form, this self-care step became a gateway to better skincare for many. And when funds are low but you gotta get your beauty on, this P10 sheet mask hack can save your skin!



With the rising interest in skincare, the use of AHAs and BHAs dominated last year’s skincare category together with masking. While nose packs continue to be a popular choice for declogging pores, the safety and efficiency of chemical exfoliation is spreading through beauty communities. The trend might have been started by The Ordinary and CosRX, and considering the amazing results, we are sure to see it in years to come!

Which of these 2017 beauty trends was your favorite? Do you think it will continue to last through 2018?

Header image via HallyuSG