Fresh In Five: The Polbo and Lip Tint Look

Gone are the days when we can actually spend an hour or more in front of our vanities doing our makeup. Traffic in the metro is just insane, so unless you’re able to do your full makeup in the car while stuck in EDSA, a five-minute face before you leave the house is a practical life skill. It's like knowing how to do your taxes or plan for your groceries!

This time, we’re doing a fresh and youthful FOTD popularly called the “polbo and lip tint” look. It’s inspired by Ellen Adarna’s no-makeup makeup at last year’s Star Magic Ball, which was refreshing amidst all the faces that had been contoured and highlighted to perfection. It’s easy but pretty - perfect for on-the-go, busy girls who want to keep their look natural and their makeup light.

Here's what you’ll need!

  • Eyebrow mascara
  • Brightening concealer
  • Lip and cheek tint
  • Oil-controlling pressed powder
  • Lip balm

Step 1: Brush up your brow hairs with an eyebrow mascara like Happy Skin Glam Squad Arch Definer & Brow Mascara (P949 at If you already have full or thick brows and your hair is not colored, you can opt to use a clear brow gel instead of a tinted one to simply fix the hairs in place.

Step 2: Apply brightening concealer on the undereye area to keep those dark shadows at bay and look like you got your full beauty sleep. The recently launched Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Brightening Concealer in Light Beige (P899 at is a great option! You can also apply a bit of the concealer down the center of the nose for a subtle highlight effect.

Step 3: Fake a natural flush with a lip and cheek tint. The Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Tulip Red (P80 at is one of our cheap beauty thrills for this purpose. Apply on your cheeks and lips and blend, blend, blend!

Step 4: Lightly dust powder all over the face to set the concealer and even out the complexion. Use a large fluffy brush for a more natural finish. Oil-controlling powders like the Avon Belle in Bloom Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder in Neutral (P199 on sale at are particularly helpful to keep shine at bay for longer.

Step 5: Pat on a lip balm like the In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm (P595 at over the lip tint for that trendy glossy lip look. You can also apply it on top of your cheekbones for a natural glow and added moisture!

It actually took me less than five minutes to get done, and I’m pleased with how well it makes me look for just a tiny bit of effort. The power of makeup, indeed!

before and after

before and after