This is the most long-wearing, transfer-proof drugstore lipstick

Yep, you heard it right - this one is one of those hidden gems at the drugstore! We actually featured the Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick (P649) last October as one of our 10 most long-lasting drugstore makeup picks, but never really got around to doing a full feature as we only had a single shade. Yes, yes, excuses, but here's a review finally! 

Before, when people asked me what the most long-wearing lipstick I've ever tried is, I'd always say that it's the  Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color. It had to be applied in two steps: the satin base that sets like cement must be swiped first, to be followed by the clear gloss. It works because the gloss moisturizes the drying color base, and "seals" it in much like a nail polish top coat would. This is truly water and transfer-proof! It's my go-to when I know I won't be able to retouch much during special events or a long day of errands.

The catch? It's around P1,300. That's why I was surprised to find something that performs exactly like it in Watsons for only P650! The packaging of Deborah Milano is similar - nay, identical - to the MUFE liquid lipstick. It works and feels exactly the same way too! The wear time of the DM lipstick is about 6-7 hours without retouching, and will barely fade after a full, oily meal. It also does not transfer on cups and skin, same as the MUFE.

To maximize the formula, try not to apply lip balm before the first coat of color so that it will set properly. The gloss coat will take care of any dryness (unless you have severe chapped lips in which case you shouldn't be wearing something like this) without the sticky feel! Then, enjoy the rest of your life as you frolic without worrying if your lipstick is smearing after that leg of lechon.

I have three shades here. Shade 07 is almost the exact same color as my lips, which makes it my ideal nude! Shade 09 is a berry-ish mauve that's versatile yet eye-catching. Shade 11 is a deep red with some fine gold sparkle - I wore this a lot during the holidays. The colors when freshly applied are demi-matte while the gloss adds a healthy amount of shine. Do note that you can't wear just the color or your lips will protest. It is waayyyy too drying by itself! You can wear the gloss as is though, or on top of other colors.

Overall, I highly recommend the Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick to anyone who's looking for a bulletproof lip product. There are plenty of pretty shades available! I'm really loving 07 as it's a beautiful nude on me. Perfect for chill days and smoky eyes!

What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you tried one already?

Deborah Milano is available inside SM Beauty and Watsons stores.