This sticks: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in 03 Light Rosewood

Good morning! I need to get ready for a meeting so this will be unceremoniously quick; I hope to write another blog post when I get back. Anyway, I want to mention the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in 03 Light Rosewood (~P1,500). I've actually had this since June and it has proven itself so many times, I don't know why I haven't put out a rave for this yet!

You see, there are long-wearing lipsticks, and then there's the MUFE Aqua Rouge. This is insanely tough to remove! You can eat, drink, kiss, swim, whatever, it will still stay on and barely transfer onto anything. It's kinda uncomfortable as you apply it since the first layer of pigment hardens and sets, but it feels more normal once you place the coat of the clear gloss. You can't use any other gloss. It has to be the one that comes in the tube.

The gloss helps to moisturize the lips and seals in the color. I don't recommend wearing a lip balm before the pigment to maximize its setting power, so we have to rely on the gloss to provide the hydration. It works for my normal lips although if you have really dry lips this might not be enough. In general, dry lips don't mesh well with long-wearing formulas.

Light Rosewood is a browny rose shade that's perfect for everyday - think Ariana Grande. It's a bit darker on me than I'd like my MLBBs to be but I think it's super pretty! I want to try something pinker and/or vampier in the future though.

Overall, I love the MUFE Aqua Rouge and would definitely love to purchase another shade one of these days. Such an amazing formula! It's the most long-wearing lip product I've tried so far as it stays on for over six hours. Get it if you want something that sticks no matter what you do.