Yeppunonnie: The new wholesale shopping haven for K-beauty goodies

The PV girls have been obsessing over Korean beauty since last year, and we’re so glad that the K-beauty wave is here to stay! It’s gotten such a huge following over the past few months that another website has set up shop to indulge our lemmings. Meet Yeppunonnie, an online shopping destination from the Korean words “yeppun” (beautiful) and “onnie” (big sister). Unlike other retailers, however, Yeppunonnie will be open to wholesale purchases to support their vision of making the Philippines “a nation of confidently beautiful and happy women.”

Koreans have some pretty interesting makeup techniques as their approach to beauty is pretty different from the more mainstream Western practices that we’re used to. At the soft launch of Yeppunonnie, we learned that instead of applying foundation in a downwards motion (supposedly to brush any fine facial hairs down and thus create a smoother-looking appearance), Korean makeup artists recommend applying foundation starting from the neck going up to help prevent sagging skin. Considering how ageless Korean women seem to look, this tip surely merits looking into!

The site is already live! You may visit them at and get updates over at their Facebook page.