Lightening vs Whitening: Is there even a difference?

Loving your skin as it is is better than any beauty product in the world. There's nothing like the feeling of utter confidence when walking inside a room full of beautiful people and finding nothing wrong with yourself - knowing that you belong there, in spite of what other people might say. 

Now this kind of certainty only comes with the eventual realization, as you grow older, that you are beautiful as you are. Perhaps not in a way that everybody appreciates or perhaps not in the aspect you wish to be, but your kind of beauty is something you will always have with you. 

That being said, trying to improve your appearance according to a certain standard you wish to follow is not necessarily a bad thing. You have every right to decide how you look like and how to influence the way others perceive you. After all we live in a society shaped by ourselves and people around us; we can get swallowed by it, we can defy it, or we can choose to play by its rules to achieve our goals.

So yes, if you want lighter or whiter skin, then by all means - go for it. Don't let others make you feel guilty about it. As long as you maintain your health, don't harm anyone in the process, and make an informed decision then the way is clear. Do what you think you need to do to be happier and more competitive.

Okay, I rambled a little there, but I actually wanted to discuss the difference between lightening and whitening. I am a little peeved to admit that I didn't know until last week that they are actually two separate things. To be fair I don't really read up on whitening/lightening as it's not an area of interest for me but yes, they are not the same pala. So what sets them apart?


Lightening involves achieving a lighter complexion by inhibiting melanin production or using natural exfoliants. The process may be slower, but it is generally understood to be healthier because it sets your skin back to its fairest possible shade. So for example, if you’ve had lighter skin before but you turned darker because of sun exposure and a lenient skincare routine, lightening products can get you to your original color again.

Kojie San has a lightening range which uses kojic acid to help prevent melanin from forming. Their soap, body lotion, moisturizer, and toner also exfoliate skin and this contributes to an instant lightening effect (which I’ve talked about previously).


Whitening on the other hand usually involves some method of bleaching your skin to force it to an unnatural level of fairness. It may involve harsh chemicals or strong oral treatments (sometimes even delivered direct to the bloodstream) that may pose risks of skin burns, hypersensitivity, and hyperpigmentation. When whitening, always consult with a licensed professional.

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Which should you go for?

Lightening is safer for your skin whereas whitening can cause some damage. I personally would not recommend whitening procedures, but of course, if you prefer a drastic change in your skin color then it may be the way to go. Just make sure to read up on the procedure you want to do and go to a clinic or dermatologist you can trust! Please, please don’t buy products or treatments off the Internet.

As for me, I’ve become a huge fan of the Kojie San Lightening Soap in particular as it helped me even out my dark knees, base of the neck, and even my armpits (a little bit). I have documented this. Did I get lighter? Yes. I’ve tanned quite a bit because of tennis but the soap + the Kojie San Lotion definitely helped me maintain my natural color. I’m still not fair but I have the skin I want for myself. 

So there you go, hope you found this useful! ^_^ Let me know your thoughts on whitening or lightening the skin!

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