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The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 4 Recap: The light and dark sides of skin whitening

If you’ve been a regular reader of Project Vanity, you’ve probably seen that we now have a podcast! I’ve been very excited since Liz and Den first announced it to the team as it’s something that I’ve long wanted for us to do. The topics have been very interesting but my favorite one so far is Episode 4, which discusses skin whitening

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Seoul White Korea gives you K-beauty bright skin in just two steps

Korean beauty is all the rage these days. From their 10-step skincare routine to the trending straight eyebrows, we sure get some beauty envy watching our favorite K-drama stars with their bright skin and natural glow! Fans like myself are hopping on the K-train to get closer to even skin tones and smoother complexions. Enter Seoul White Korea, a new brand that promises more even skin for Filipinos.

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