How blow drying your face keeps your makeup fresh for hours

Imagine taking your daytime look all the way to an evening affair, and looking every bit as fresh as when you first applied it. Wouldn't that be awesome? There are so many tips online on how you can have that longevity with facial sprays and retouching techniques but I found out that the best trick is to simply to layer AND dry them on properly! Let me explain.

Before getting to the makeup part, it's important to review our skincare prep. Always remember: good skin equals better makeup. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells to reveal the brighter skin underneath, while keeping your skin adequately moisturizes makes it easier to apply makeup and avoid dry patches. If you're prepping for a special occasion, you can even make use of a sheet mask for an instant glow. Make sure to layer your skin care in the correct order so your skin absorbs all the benefits! Wait for your skin care has fully set and dry before applying your makeup.

Then put on your basic layers: primer (for face and eyes), foundation, eye makeup, concealer, powder, and setting spray. Of course this product list can change depending on your preferences! Some BB creams already offer decent coverage while cream to powder foundations remove the need for powder after (unless you have oily skin, which in that case, do set with powder). But here's the trick: whatever products you use, make sure that each layer dries fully and settles in before applying the next product!

You may need to wait a few minutes for each layer to fully dry, but if you don't have the time or patience, Liz let us in on her recent secret: you can blow dry your face. No kidding! Just put your hair dryer on the cool setting, point it towards your face, and watch your makeup set quickly. This is similar to the baking technique, only faster. By letting each layer of makeup set before adding on to it and removing sweat completely, you are reducing the chances of your makeup slipping and sliding. 

If your blower doesn't have a cool setting, you can use an electric fan but it just takes a bit longer. You can also use the hot setting to kind of melt the makeup down even more to create a smoother finish. This is especially useful if your makeup becomes accidentally caky after layering. Just don't use blow hot too long!

Try this out and let us know how it works for you!