Revlon's pizza cutter eyeliner could be the solution to clumsy cat eyes

Eyeliner can smell fear, they said, and this is certainly true if you have yet to discover the well of courage deep inside yourself. You need conviction when applying eyeliner especially if you're trying to achieve a classic cat eye! Now it takes a lot of practice and a steady hand as well, but to make it easier for all of us, Revlon has created a pizza cutter eyeliner (that's what it looks like!) to come to the rescue.


The Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner (P625) caused a splash when it came out due to its weird tip that looks questionable when it comes to applying product. At first I thought that the rolling tip would be too sharp and poke my eyes but it's actually pretty soft. Imagine a silicone wheel! I was also worried that it would be too hard to create a proper shape with it, but surprisingly, it's quite easy to work in sections and even do a straight or curved line when needed.

Opacity of the colors are pretty good. You'll need to shake, and I mean really shake, because the pigments tend to separate from the liquid base and settle on the bottom. You will need to layer a couple of times in some spots as you roll on, but overall I get a rich layer of color with little effort.


The tip definitely takes some getting used to. I had to figure it out first before I could get a good line going though it only took me a couple of tries! I actually think it's easier to create a cat eye with this even if you're a beginner, since the applicator is so easy to get a straight line out of. In this live video, I demonstrate a summer look using the Mermaid Blue eyeliner! Check it out.

Staying power is average at about 4-5 hours. The formula is rub and smear-proof as it develops a solid film once dry, but if you get very oily or sweaty around the eyes, it may fade at the corners. Just make sure to remove any excess oil or sweat and it should stay on point for most of the day. The longest I've worn this is five hours and there's only a small amount of fading on the inner corners.

Overall, I do recommend the Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner for those who struggle with creating cat eyes or a winged liner look. It just simplifies the process (after a bit of practice, still), and I would definitely use these again for my future looks! I am particularly enamored with Mermaid Blue and Mulberry. These are fairly unique shades you should try out this summer!

What do you think of pizza cutter eyeliners? Have you tried one before?

This story is brought to you by Revlon.