Hanggang saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo? A DIY lip tint tutorial

When I was in high school, we didn’t have any Watsons in my province. The only way to buy makeup was through Avon and Ever Bilena resellers. Because shopping options were limited and so were our allowances, I would see my female batchmates sticking a finger inside their bags, quickly ducking down, then reappearing with red lips and a red-tipped finger.

Their secret? They had little pouches of Tang Strawberry. Yes, I mean the powdered juice drink! Cheap and easy to buy anywhere, it was a pretty clever way to get around the no-makeup rule at school, too!

You can buy Tang Strawberry from almost all groceries. My local grocery sells it for just P17.50 a pack of 25g, perfect for a student budget. The powder is just a mix of sugar, color, and flavoring.

There are two ways to use this as a DIY lip tint. The first is to simply wet your finger, dip it into a powder, and rub it against your lips. The second method works better: just mix a very small amount of water with the powder to make a concentrate. You can then pour your DIY liquid lip tint into a container and tote that along instead of a sachet of powder.  

The juice has a slightly warm red shade that gives a patchy tint on the inner part of my lips. However, it barely colors the outer part of my lower lip and doesn’t tint my upper lip at all. Longevity will depend on how much you like sugar since this never totally sets. I couldn’t resist the sweet taste so it lasted only 10 minutes (lol) but the stain on my finger lasted through one proper hand washing and naturally faded after an hour.  

You can still see the sugar crystals! Pro tip: use as a lip scrub!

You can still see the sugar crystals! Pro tip: use as a lip scrub!

Tang Strawberry is actually very versatile as the sugar content allows you to use it as a lip scrub! Mix it with a bit of petroleum jelly and water (to activate the coloring), and add a bit more sugar for more scrubbing power.

So, is this P20 hack worth it? April Fools! I definitely don’t recommend it. Dipping your finger (repeatedly!) into the product is un-hygienic, the application is patchy, and the color barely stays on the lips. Your money would be better spent on one of these under P200 (actual) lip tints.

Welp, I had fun trying this out and indulging my sweet tooth in the process! It’s a nice throwback to all the ways we tried to do the polbo and lip tint look when we didn’t have the budget to buy actual makeup (Lipps candy, anyone?).

Did you ever try this hack? What were your favorite “hacks” for pretending you had makeup on?