Bargain Beauty Hunting: Was getting this 252-peso lash perm worth it?

I am a firm believer in the power of beautiful lashes. Long, voluminous, and charmingly curled - a good pair of lashes does so much to make your eyes look more awake and vibrant. I have been meaning to try lash perming forever but shelling out P3,700 for Yumi lashes was a little steep for my cheapskate heart. After reading several recommendations for Let’s Face It Salon from the Project Vanity community, I decided why not, and gave their P252 (!!!) lash perm a go.

This is what I’m dealing with for reference. While I’m content with the length and volume of my lashes, I have to rely on a curler on the daily to lift and curve my stick-straight, downward-turning lashes. Upon signing up for the lash perm, I was asked by the receptionist whether I’ve used castor oil or other lash growers in the past month. I have not but I would have been turned away if I did. Oils and lash serums can apparently make the lashes brittle and eventually break from the procedure.  

I told my aesthetician that I was having a lash perm for the first time, and she asked whether I wanted a straighter or a more curled lift. I went for the latter so she prepared the largest sized rubber pad for my session. The size of the pads determines the level of curvature for your lashes. The larger the pad, the bigger the curl - though they might suggest for you to size down if you have shorter lash hairs.

About 30 minutes of the service was spent meticulously combing up each lash hair to stick to the pad’s adhesive. Afterwards, a perming solution was applied to my lashes before they were covered with cling wrap and let sit for another half hour. This might look like torture but there’s actually zero pain involved in my experience! Aside from just the tiniest itch, I wheezed through the procedure feeling relaxed enough to sleep.

And then #IWokeUpLikeThis. One hour and 252 pesos later, I was greeted with splendidly curved and defined lashes that would no longer need daily curling. I was told not to wet my lashes until the morning but aside from that, there wasn’t much in the way of aftercare. The look should last me about 2 months, and I could go back for another session in 3 months once the last perm has completely worn off. I am still free, even encouraged, to wear mascara (it supposedly helps with maintenance) and to use makeup removers. I’m only on day 4 now but the convenience, comfort, and look of a lash perm definitely beats my stint with lash extensions.

For under 300 pesos, the lash perm from Let’s Face It Salon turned out to be a great deal! I would definitely be going back to try the other pad sizes to see which ones would fit my lashes best. Have you tried any lash lifting services? How was your experience?