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Bargain Beauty Hunting: Was getting this 252-peso lash perm worth it?

I am a firm believer in the power of beautiful lashes. Long, voluminous, and charmingly curled - a good pair of lashes does so much to make your eyes look more awake and vibrant. I have been meaning to try lash perming forever but shelling out P3,700 for Yumi lashes was a little steep for my cheapskate heart. After reading several recommendations for Let’s Face It Salon from the Project Vanity community, I decided why not, and gave their P252 (!!!) lash perm a go.

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I tried a Korean facial treatment for the first time and loved it!

Despite my obsession with skincare, I've only had two actual facial treatments (complete with pricking) in my entire life. The first time was way back in high school, before I had any appreciation for the kind of effort you actually need to make for achieving and maintaining good skin. It was pricey for my student budget and I didn't see any improvements after, so I didn't feel encouraged to try it again.

Recently though, I was invited by O2 Laser Skin Center to try out their signature service: a Korean Facial Therapy! As images of Korean actors and pop stars flooded my head, I wondered how different the procedure would be from the usual treatments you can get at mall facial centers. Would it give me that coveted chok chok complexion?

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Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm

The AC Clinique line of Etude House is designed to prevent and heal acne, and until recently only features facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Two new products were recently added to the collection (labeled "intense") that have the sole purpose of spot-treating pimples as they come. I've tried the famous AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot and it's just okay. It's like calamine lotion - smells like, looks like, feels like. I reckon it would also be useful on rashes and other skin irritations. ;)

The star of the collection for me though would be the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm (P628 when packaged with the facial wash). This is the real deal! It was one of those things that have been sitting in my "to review" box for weeks, until I took it out for a test drive because of extreme annoyance. I had these two large red pimples on my right upper and lower lip (like star-crossed lovers UGH) and they are just not budging after more than a week. That's abnormal for me!

So I thought hey, why don't I try that Red Spot Balm over there. Boom. The two very angry pimples calmed down in an hour, and stopped swelling completely after six hours. No kidding. The next day, they're gone!

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My Browgraphy Experience at Browhaus

I have emphasized time and again that eyebrows may be our most important facial features. These little buggers can make of break our face, so it pays to keep them well-groomed and well-shaped at all times! That said, I have DIYd my eyebrows since college and I'm pretty pleased with the job I've done so far. However, when Browhaus invited me to visit them last week, I thought I'd come over to see if they can do a better job. :D

The staff recommended that I try Browgraphy (P1,290), which is a package that includes threading, shaping, and dyeing the brows. Since they noticed that I have light, thin, brows, they asked me if I'm okay with having them dyed darker. I'm like, hell yeah! I always shade my brows, so I'm grateful for any time I can take off from the task.

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My escape to Neo Day Spa

I'm sure that many of you guys have plans to hit the beach this summer, but if you don't - don't despair! There's a lot of amazing ways to spend your summer right here in the city. You can do a sort of staycation by visiting great spas, for instance. There's a lot to explore and experience if you know where to look!

I recently discovered a place called Neo Day Spa. "Discover" is hardly the perfect word as I have seen the spa countless of times before. I pass by it everytime I go to Burgos Circle in The Fort. It looked small and uninteresting so I never visited on my own, but things are not always as they seem. I'm glad to find out upon the spa's invitation. :)

Tea bar

Inside, Neo Day Spa's ground floor looks spacious and airy. The architect made use of geometric ceilings and concrete floors to give a sort of industrial, raw look to the place.

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