Top five beauty services to try in Manila

So you have a big event, a broken heart, a life overhaul, or just want a little grooming and relaxation. You find yourself in need of pamper and polish. Where do you go? Let me help you there! Here's a list of where I go when I need something (non-invasive) done on my body. These are my absolute favorite beauty services in Manila!

JURO Salon. The best hair cut and color I've ever had was from Jude and Rose, the owners of JURO. They are the most talented hair professionals in Manila, I believe, with over 20 years in the industry. Having your hair done by them will cost you P7,500 but I swear they're worth it. As it happens I just got my haircut there recently (another short one) and my love for this couple is still as strong as ever.

If you're not willing to shell out that much money for your hair, you can go to their junior stylists. It's about P1,500 per cut. I would still trust them to do a great job because they're trained by Jude.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio. This is a new business but it's already making waves in the local hair removal industry. The place looks expensive and chi-chi, but not in a snooty way. The people are warm and easy to talk to so you'll find yourself relaxed while getting your treatment. Oh, they're also anal about hygiene here, so no double-dipping and all paper sheets are used only once!

Even with the upscale look and location (BHS Central), Wink is surprisingly affordable. A full leg wax for example would be only P850, while a Brazilian is P680. The painless laser is also inexpensive compared to its competitors, plus it's offered on installment too.

Blo Blow Dry Bar. For girls who are clueless on how to style their hair, Blo is their savior. It's quite expensive for just a blow dry since it's about P500 per session. However if you're going to a special event and don't want to leave your hair up to chance, or worse, in you're inexperienced hands, then Blo can give you the best possible version of your current cut and color.

Browhaus. I've always done my brows before Browhaus came to my life. I felt it was ridiculous to pay P600 for someone to do something I *thought* I could do pretty well, you know? But then I discovered that the Browhaus staff could thread and tweeze my eyebrows to shape better than I ever could! And in 15 minutes, no more. When I do my brows myself I spend 30 minutes or more worrying if I'm going to make a mistake.

So yes, I go to Browhaus every once in a while to keep my brows polished and perfect. I just clean up stray growing hairs as they come to prolong the shape for as long as possible.

The Spa. I've tried spas from high end to low-end, but The Spa is my favorite. It's conveniently located and not too expensive compared to hotel spas. I love that they have huge private villas with bath tubs so I can really, really relax for a few hours. It's my happy place! I usually get their basic massages or their scrubs.

So there you go. Hope you can also share your favorite beauty services!