JuRo Salon's "secret" atelier for fabulous hair

There are a lot of things I love about Jude and Rose Hippolito - not the least of them their power to give people amazing hair - but one thing always stands out whenever I spend a few hours with them. It's their passion. They are quiet, simple folk, but when they talk about hair you can see how much their work means to them. I don't think that they're after the money even though a cut and color job at their salon can easily cost some serious bucks. No. It's their drive to be better than their best, and pride in what they've accomplished in their two decades in the business.

They are always out traveling and training. They are always looking for new ways to give their clientele an unforgettable experience, which is how they came up with a new concept: a "secret" atelier to which only their most loyal clients are invited. If it's your first few times at JuRo, you'll be visiting their official salon in Burgos Circle. If you've known each other for a while though, you will most likely be invited to have your hair done at their beautiful studio somewhere in The Fort. 

Don't think for a second that Jude and Rose are being snobbish or playing favorites. This is just how a natural relationship progresses - you get to know someone, and if you know them well enough they'll invite you to their house for coffee or a meal. I've been going to JuRo for a few years now so I'm happy to be asked to check out this fairly new space!

It's gorgeous but more importantly, it's cozy. It was a rainy day but inside was all warm light, relaxing music, and Jude's amazing freshly-pressed coffee (Jude if you're reading this you have to text me what it is again haha). I had such an amazing time! It was like reuniting with old friends, people who get me AND know how to deal with my hair.  

And deal with it Jude and Rose did. As you may remember, I had a horrible hair cut on my birthday last February. I was growing it out since it was a bit short, which is why I haven't gone to JuRo yet. Luckily - and I must stress this! - the PR agency of JuRo contacted me about trying out this new location. I can't believe the timing!

Jude basically fixed my hair from that bad hair cut, gave it more shape and volume without sacrificing the length I've been working on these last seven months. I have really thin hair and he managed to give it more body on top while simultaneously slimming down the sides of my face.

Rose did her magic by adding brassy highlights in strategic places where my hair is thinnest. She knows that I'm not that into dramatic colors for my hair and that I have a sensitive scalp, so there was minimal contact of the dye on my skin. She used L'Oreal Majirel Cool Cover! Happy to report that there was no irritation during the colouring process, or hair fall/fried hair after. They also gave me Pureology for hair maintenance.

And here's the finished work! It looks fantastic when blow-dried of course, so below is a picture of it after it's been washed and that's it. No blow drying or even any styling product except for the Kerastase serum I use on the tips of my hair. This is the true test of a good hair cut. Professionally blow-dried hair always looks great, but just wait until you wash it to see if the work is any good.

For messy, frizzy wavy hair like mine, finding a hair stylist and colorist who can make it look good with barely any day-to-day styling on my end is just...unless I really have to, I am unlikely to go to a different salon again. I'll just pay up and call it a day because no one else can do this other than Jude and Rose.

Thank you both for inviting me over again! <3 Love my hair!

JuRO now has an Instagram account @Jurosalonexclusif

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