Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

The best beauty products for you are the ones that you can afford. There are so, so many options out there for different budgets and preferences that you're sure to find something that performs well for the price it's going for! It ain't going to be better than it's more expensive counterpart (usually) but it could get close enough to serve you well.

That being said, I've been wanting to try the Dior Fluid Sticks ever since a couple of friends raved about it. Honestly though I can't bring myself to buy it at P1,900 considering the 300-strong lipstick stash I already have. I still do want it though - I've been having this internal struggle with myself for the longest time! Ugh. I even went to a Dior counter to try it out on my lips and guys, it truly is marvellous.

However, it's not unique. I think the first to roll out this type of formula was Yves Saint Laurent with their Glossy Stain, which of course was followed by a cheaper copycat like the L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Stain. Finally, Revlon caught up and released the Colorstay Moisture Stain (P625) last spring, and it's now in the Philippines!

This has a wet, tacky consistency when freshly applied on the lips, but it settles down quickly to become more like a glossy lipstick. It's very pigmented in the first pass alone (much more pigmented than the L'Oreal Shine Caresse) and becomes a solid stain after a few hours of wear.

It's also non-drying on my normal lips. There's definitely no need for lip balm or primer. As for the packaging, it looks classy and sturdy! The wands feel plush and snug as they apply the gloss-slash-lipstcik. ^_^

Pigmentation is ace

Pigmentation is ace

In other words, it's pretty good! My only complaint is that my lips have to be completely dry and devoid of any product before application. Otherwise, the product doesn't stick on the wet parts, thus becoming patchy and uneven. That's why my last two swatches here (the red and plum) looks clumsy. There were some left-over product on my lips after the first two swatches - this affected how the latter two went on.

So yeah I just really need to make sure that my kissers are clear. Here are my swatches and color notes!

Milan Moment is a pale orange - nice as a concept but I never can't seem to pull off this particular color on my skin tone. It's pretty though!

Rio Rush is a playful bright pink which suits my medium yellow skin to a T. It should work for most skin tones since it has a warm tone.

Shanghai Moment is a tomato red. It's probably the patchiest out of the four, which means I have to be more careful as I put it on. This color should suit most skin tones as well.

Parisian Passion is a dark plum, soooo perfect for fall. It's dark and dramatic enough, but not too much. It's my favorite out of the four (can I be any more predictable?) followed by Rio Rush! My only advice is since it can make one look older, wear only the lightest touch of makeup with it.

So there you have it! I recommend the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain if you're looking for something that wears fairly well (3-4 hours) while giving you a nice shine and moisture. It's comfortable and pigmented and has a lot of fun colors in the line-up. Not too shabby for P625!

(I still do want that Dior though huhu).

What do you think? Will you be trying this out?