My laser hair removal experience at Wink Studio

My favorite place for hair removal is Wink Laser & Wax Studio at Bonifacio High Street Central. The salon looks great, the attendants are friendly and always smiling, and the prices are fairly affordable considering the location and quality of service. I usually go in for underarm and leg waxing, but a couple of months back I finally took the plunge and tried the laser.

The underarm laser is just P2,500, which is actually not that expensive in the great scheme of things. Consider, you only need to go in every six to seven weeks, then after about six sessions and nine months (or P15,000 estimate), you're completely hair-free in that area - forever! Think about that. You'll never have to worry about waxing or shaving again.

The laser works by heating up your hair follicles, eventually disabling them from producing more hair. Some people may grow some hair back (it's a case-to-case thing) but Wink's laser hair removal is designed to be permanent et ceteris paribus

So is it painful? That's the million dollar question isn't it! No, it doesn't hurt AT ALL. If it's your first time to do laser they will use the lowest frequency. It's so low you won't even feel it but for the brisk rubbing of the laser gun on your skin. For underarms, the whole treatment takes only five minutes or so. I was inside the room for 15 minutes but most of that was spent by the attendant discussing what's going to happen!

They will increase the frequency every time you go in for the treatment. It's just going to be a feeling of warmth on your skin. The laser hair removal takes only 15 minutes, right, but it takes about an hour and a half for half legs. The hair is thicker in that area so the attendant has to laser it inch by inch.

When I left the laser room I thought, "Okaaay that's it? Would I even notice any results?" I seriously doubted the efficacy of the whole thing since the treatment only took five minutes and I didn't feel anything! But lo! I noticed the results after my first shave (FYI, you can't wax when you're on a laser hair removal spree). The hair on my pits didn't grow back for a week, and after that it was very very slow. In the whole six-week interval, I only had to shave thrice.

I feel terrible that I haven't been back after my first session - it's been ten weeks since then, I am four weeks overdue! Cry. It's been ridiculously busy last month unfortunately. Laser is a commitment. If you miss the recommended dates after the last session, you'll go back to square one. So, if you laser, you have to do it continuously until your hair follicles are deeeaaaad. You also can't wax or pluck or thread the area, since the laser needs something to work on. It doesn't damage the skin you see - just the hair.

Anyway. I promise to honor my laser commitment, as I will be trying out the full legs and underarm laser for the next six months. I'll keep you updated about the hair growth - if any!

To summarize: the laser is not painful and you'll see amazing results after only one session. Oh and it's not expensive compared to other laser salons - I think the laser is 40% cheaper at Wink. Brazilian laser is P4,000, half legs are P5,000, and full legs are P10,000 per session. See the full menu here. Wink also uses real diode laser versus IPL. There is a major difference in terms of efficacy!

One last thing - Wink currently has a buy 4 take 1 promo for half-leg laser. Check it out!

Soooo...have you tried laser before? Let's trade experiences! A lot of people check the comments for feedback, I'm sure your own would be super helpful to those who want to take the plunge. ;)