Strip Gingerbread Cookie Wax and V-Blush Treatment (for lightening underarms)

Since we were already on the topic of hair removal, I thought I would smoothly follow through with a treatment I tried recently. Last December, I vamoosed to Strip Serendra to try out their sinful Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax and V-Blush treatment on my underarms. I love the end results! It's been five weeks and my 'pits are still super soft and fairly hairless.

Did I say five weeks? Yeah that's how good it is. The Gingerbread Cookie Wax is only offered for a limited time so I'm not sure if it's still available, but I would still highly recommend the waxing services of Strip. They are so quick to pull out the hair - one try, actually - and it didn't hurt at all. The wax itself smells fabulous. The scent is sweet like cookies, and heavy with spices like cinnamon and ginger.

Since I was already at the salon, I decided to pay for leg waxing. It was P870 for half legs, by the way, which I found quite expensive. But it's definitely quicker and much less uncomfortable than my normal haunt (Lay Bare, if you must know). At Lay Bare they have two attendants rubbing and pulling on one part of the leg for like, several times until it starts to sting and redden. At Strip there's only one attendant and a huge cloth strip to wax one part only once, hence less pain.

Now the V-Blush is the real hooker. Basically, it's an IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) treatment that breaks down melanin, the skin’s darkening pigment, and inhibits its production. At the same time, the heat coming from V-Blush stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which make the skin both fuller and tighter. Strip promises that it would take a minimum of three treatments to see a difference, but my underarms were lighter, smoother, and tighter with only one session!

How it went: the attendant applied gel on my underarms then proceeded to stick a machine that releases pulses of light. I was given a pair of shades for this. It's a little warm and tingly, but not uncomfortable. The very cold gel is probably the most discomfort I got from the less than 15-minute treatment.

I forget the exact price of V-Blush but it's not cheap. I'm considering of availing at least three more sessions to lighten my underarms more! I'm convinced. :D

So there you go! Try Strip if you don't mind paying extra for treatments that deliver, are efficient and slightly less uncomfortable.


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