Shipping your beauty haul from the US to PH is easy - here's how

Get a USD 2.50 credit if you use my code LANLA9M5. You can register for a shipping account here.

I shop mostly online these days. That goes for clothes, beauty products, and even groceries! Maybe it's being 30 and and busy that I can't be bothered to brave the traffic, search for things to buy, and carry around stuff back to my place. Going at it online is simply more convenient and painless!

Even so, I've mostly been avoiding shopping from stores abroad simply because I'm afraid of losing my package in transit. I also don't have time to go to my local post office to haggle questionable customs charges and pick up the item myself. I know brands like Colourpop and Beautylish have international shipping but it seems more hassle to have to worry about so many details.

Enter My Shopping Box. MSB is an international shipping service that allows you to conveniently get your orders from the US and Europe shipped straight to your doorstep in the Philippines. When you sign up, you get your own personalized address in the US (somewhere in California) and Europe (somewhere in Italy) where you can have your orders shipped. From there, they will compute the price and once paid, the box will be delivered direct to your address.

Pricing starts at USD 5.99 (or about PHP 311at current exchange rates) for air freight and USD 2.99 (PHP 155) for sea freight. The difference in pricing lies in how fast you get your package; with air freight, you can get it 10-12 business days while sea freight takes much longer at 45-60 calendar days. The latter is recommended if your order is heavier and not needed too soon.

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So how was my experience?

I've always meant to order from Glossier but unfortunately, they only ship to the US and a few territories. Bummer, I know! So I thought I'd try My Shopping Box to finally get a bunch of Glossier items I've always wanted to try.


After purchasing the items from directly, I inputted my MSB address at the prompt. It took Glossier about two business days to send it to my California address which I got a notification about. After payment, it took MSB only six days (four business days since it fell on a weekend) to ship the Glossier stuff to my door. I was impressed!

I've tried a similar service before but that one usually took about 20-30 days to ship from the US. Four business days is quite a feat! My bill was only USD 5.99, or PHP 311. That's crazy.

Of course, it's going to be more expensive if you're going to ship bigger items like shoes, bags, etc. You can get a shipping quote here first before committing to the service. But for makeup, that price was definitely reasonable.

My Glossier haul. Care for a review? I don't like them too much, actually.

My Glossier haul. Care for a review? I don't like them too much, actually.

Will I try My Shopping Box again? 100% YES! I've been meaning to get some rowing paraphernalia from Amazon - I badly need gloves and rowing shoes - so I've just been shopping around for options. I really love how fast they shipped my order from the US and how hassle-free the whole experience was. It's also more affordable compared to the last similar shipping service I used. 

If you care to use it, you can get USD 2.50 credit if you use my code LANLA9M5. You can register for a shipping account here.

Have you tried shipping your beauty haul overseas before? Why or why not? If you've tried My Shopping Box, please share your experience below!

This story is brought to you by My Shopping Box. They invited me to try their service and do not have a say in how I review it.