This is how to care for your hands

Our hands are probably among the most hard-working parts of our body. We use them for most activities, and if you’re anxious about germs like I am, you probably wash your hands a lot of times within the day. While it's a good practice for preventing the spread of disease, this can result to dry and flaky hands. This may also cause your cuticles to become prone to hangnails, which are both unsightly and painful! Just as how we go to great lengths to care for the skin on our faces, we need to show some TLC to our hands.


Wash your hands gently

It's still important to keep your hands clean but you can make adjustments so they're not exposed to harsh elements. Stay away from using alcohol when possible as it has a drying effect on skin.Use moisturizing soap, preferably with ingredients like shea butter and argan oil. Also, avoid hot water - soap is usually enough to kill any germs.

Use gloves when washing dishes and clothes

Washing the dishes has been a major culprit for my dry hands. The dishwashing liquid that I have been using made it easy to strip away grease but it was too harsh on my skin. I got cuts on my hands as a result. Even if you use dishwashing liquids and detergents with moisturizing formulas, it's a good idea to always wear gloves and keep your hands protected because exposure to soap can be bad for your skin.


Trim your nails and cut your hangnails

Keep your nails groomed by clipping them at home or visiting a trusted nail salon regularly. It's better to cut away flaky skin than to leave them and risk accidental pulling and peeling. Your manicurist will usually offer to trim your cuticles. Whatever you decide, make sure they use sterilized tools! Salons also offer hand spas that include exfoliation and a mask but if you’d rather do it yourself at home, a gentle exfoliator like Cure Aqua Gel and your favorite leave-on face mask works!


 Always remember to put hand cream after washing your hands

Hand cream is such an underrated beauty product. Choose one that is light, moisturizing, and non-greasy. I like to keep a bottle by the sink so I can always remember to put some of it on after washing my hands. Also, apply lotion on your hands after taking a bath.


 Bring a hand cream or salve wherever you go.

Are you a fellow tita and keep a hand sanitizer in your purse? Go the extra mile and tote a hand cream as well! I love taking my Burt’s Bees Hand Salve along because it is so lightweight and helps heal my cuts. If you work in an airconditioned office is cold or clean your hands a lot, a handy travel-size hand cream or salve should be your purse staple. Apply it whenever you have a spare moment, like while waiting in line or sitting in traffic.


 Use a good retinoid product

This may be the first time you’re hearing this, but yes, you can use retinoids on your hands. It’s the same idea as using it on your face, neck, and décolletage. Your hands also develop signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots, and using a retinoid can help delay their onset.


 Always put sunscreen too!

Like any part of your skin, your hands need sunscreen! Even if you don't apply retinoids, hands are frequently exposed to sunlight, especially while driving. So remember to apply some on your hands whenever you do for your face, and also after handwashing.


Soak them in a concoction of moisturizers

If you’re feeling a little bit extra, you can create an easy spa treatment for your hands! Apply oils and heavy emollients like shea butter or petroleum jelly and then put on gloves. Let that stay put overnight and you will wake up to the softest hands for sure. I do this with socks for my feet, too, and it feels amazing!

Remember that skin care is more than just what you put on your face - your hands are hard workers that need your attention, too. How do you care for your hands? What are the best hand products you've tried?