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This is how to care for your hands

Our hands are probably among the most hard-working parts of our body. We use them for most activities, and if you’re anxious about germs like I am, you probably wash your hands a lot of times within the day. While it's a good practice for preventing the spread of disease, this can result to dry and flaky hands. This may also cause your cuticles to become prone to hangnails, which are both unsightly and painful! Just as how we go to great lengths to care for the skin on our faces, we need to show some TLC to our hands.

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Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream

How often do you use hand cream? I admit I can be pretty lazy most days. I usually put off using hand cream until my hands can't take the dryness anymore - by that time, they're already so wrinkly and hard! Yuck. That's a bad bad habit because the hands, other than the neck, betray our age sooner than we'd like. That's why it pays in the long run to use a specialized moisturizer for them.

I've recently been enjoying the Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream (P1,700). It's a 50ml tube of moisture-boosting cream that contains shea butter and clary sage to improve our hands' moisture barrier, glucosamine to gently exfoliate, and licorice extract to help lessen discoloration.

This is a very heavy cream - a little goes a long way, and it indeed helps soften super dry hands instantly. It's like you coated your skin in this cocoon of smoothing, reviving oil! This actually has avocado and corn kernel oil for that purpose.

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Reader question: Help my hands!

Hi Liz! I am currently looking for the best hand & nail cream since my hands are easily dried up due to our office aircon and frequent use of alcohol for hygiene purposes. In addition, my cuticles are very dry that's why I always have a nail cutter in by bag to avoid having wounds in my hands. Lately, I've been using Bobbie Cuticle Oil but I don't use them often because its too messy to use. Hope you will help me with this problem. - Tin

Hi Tin! I've been having this problem lately, as well. I play with my dog a lot so I find myself washing my hands several times every couple of hours! My hands looked like prunes, until I started getting wise and paying more attention to them. 

That said, I love, love, LOVE the Vitacreme B12 Body Milk. It's a heavy cream product that revives dried-up skin like no other. This is the best moisturizer I've tried, especially for hands and nails! I just massage a pea-sized amount and wait for it to work its magic. 

Downside is, it's almost P2,500 for a tube. 0_0 Fortunately there are cheaper alternatives.

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