Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream

How often do you use hand cream? I admit I can be pretty lazy most days. I usually put off using hand cream until my hands can't take the dryness anymore - by that time, they're already so wrinkly and hard! Yuck. That's a bad bad habit because the hands, other than the neck, betray our age sooner than we'd like. That's why it pays in the long run to use a specialized moisturizer for them.

I've recently been enjoying the Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream (P1,700). It's a 50ml tube of moisture-boosting cream that contains shea butter and clary sage to improve our hands' moisture barrier, glucosamine to gently exfoliate, and licorice extract to help lessen discoloration.

This is a very heavy cream - a little goes a long way, and it indeed helps soften super dry hands instantly. It's like you coated your skin in this cocoon of smoothing, reviving oil! This actually has avocado and corn kernel oil for that purpose.

Due to the heaviness, it takes longer than I'd like for it to completely sink into my skin. It's not a cream that you apply and then get straight back to work; you have to wait five minutes or more for its greasiness to pass. Well five minutes isn't THAT long anyway but yes, you'll be immobilized for that amount of time unless you don't mind leaving traces of oil on your stuff.

Hence, I prefer to use this at night before I sleep. Extra Hand Cream smells strongly of minty ointment, which relaxes me somehow. The smells says "I mean business". It does fade after a while so no need to worry if you're stand-offish about scented skincare.

And, ah, the price. It's P1,700 for a 50ml tube. Like I said above, a little goes a long way, so I imagine it'll take months to finish a tube. If you're OC about your hands then I say, go for it! It's a good hand cream; it works. It depends on your priorities, really. Some people would rather spend that money on a new foundation or a couple of trendy lipsticks. But if you're at a point in your life where your hands are bothering you more than your complexion, then yes, this hand cream would be a nice buy. :)

What do you think? Lemme know what your favorite hand cream is!