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Save, Spend, or Splurge: Lip balms that deliver moisture + color

The intense heat we’re experiencing this summer has made my lips drier than usual. Although I love wearing matte lip products, it’s just too uncomfortable to wear now because even with a balm underneath, my lips still dry out like a raisin. I’ve been reaching for tinted lip balms more instead, as the fuss-free application gives me juicy moisture and a hint of color at the same time! Whether you want just a sheer tint or full-on pigmentation, we’ve got great recos for every kind of budget.

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A peek into Bobbi Brown's new lippie formulas + their chic Megamall store

Bobbi Brown is your best bet when it comes to high quality neutrals and classic looks. We’ve done a lot of rave reviews about their products, including their Luxe Lip Colors which remain a favorite even to this day. One would think that 30 satin shades is a good number to pick from, but these tubes are so successful that Bobbi Brown added three more lines under the House of Luxe Lip Color!

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A detailed look into Bobbi Brown's new weightless, full coverage foundation

Let me be clear: not everybody needs liquid foundation. It's nice to have, but if you already have pretty good skin then a layer of powder (with coverage depending on your preference) over primer (depending on how dry or oily you are) could be all you need for a great, long-wearing base! I often go out with just that especially if I don't really need to look photo-ready or dressed up.

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