FOTD: Twilight eyes with Bobbi Brown

I hereby declare the next five days as Bobbi Brown Week at Project Vanity. Seriously, I have quite a few Bobbi products piling up (they're all fantastic) so I want to release the reviews in one themed week. I'll be featuring one Bobbi product everyday for the next five days, so stay tuned for those posts. ;)

To start off the series, here's an FOTD-slash-review of the Bobbi Brown Twilight Night Shimmer Ink. This is unfortunately limited edition from the Desert Twilight collection last year. However, I think that the brand has something similar in the cream eyeshadow line. I'm sure you can also find dupes in other brands if you're on a budget. ;)

Now Twilight Night is actually a gel eyeliner, but the twinkly dusky color is so pretty that it deserves to be used as a cream eyeshadow.

A dark cream base can make eyeshadows really pop up, plus the uber fine shimmer in this particular product adds more dimension and light to the eyes. I dabbed a layer of it on my lids using just my fingers. When diffused, the color is more of a heather grayish purple.

Then, I added a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Tin (pale lilac) on top as a lid color, then blended Grey Denim on the crease. I added a spot of Charcoal on the outer v for extra definition.

This is the Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Holiday Palette. Tin is the lilac beside the white eyeshadow, while Denim Grey is the color underneath it. Charcoal is the black one.

Aaaand here's the finished work. It's lovely, if you don't mind me saying so! The shimmer is subtle yet it brings a beautiful twinkle to the eyes. This eye look should be flattering on most skintones, and can be used either for day or night - just add more of the Charcoal for more drama in the evening!

I actually wore this look to one of my events. Even though I was at the venue from set-up to pack-up, the look stayed creaseless and pretty much immaculate until I took it off! That's one awesome up-side of wearing gel eyeliner as a cream eyeshadow. It's even better than translucent/ skintone eyeshadow primers since it helps "enrich" the color of your eyeshadow.


As an eyeliner, Twilight Night might need a bit more layering to get a really dark line going. But then, that's what black liners are for. The Shimmer Ink is nice to use if you're bored of the usual black and brown liners and want some glimmer on your lid without having to apply eyeshadow.

Overall, the Bobbi Brown Twilight Night Shimmer Ink is a pretty swell product - a great base for eyeshadows, and a long-wearing, non-smudging gel eyeliner by itself. :)

So, do you use your gel or cream eyeliners as eyeshadow base? What's your favorite color?