Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar and Black Pearl Holiday Palettes

I am so late but The Beatles have taken over my life. I wake up to a Beatles song in my head, clean the house with a Beatles song blaring in the background, and at odd moments during the day a Beatles song pops up in my head and I play it there in full as if I were listening to it from another source. I can't explain why this is happening, and why now. But there it is. It's like a massive album-long LSS! 1 to be specific, a collection of their top hits.

Well, I hope this fades away soon. I'm one of those people who can only think when it's relatively silent.

Anyway - a good Monday morning to you! Today I'll be talking about the Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar and Black Pearl Holiday Palettes (P3,200), which were released as part of the brand's holiday collection. I apologize that I'm writing about this only now, when it's sold out almost everywhere except in Mall of Asia! I just wanted a comprehensive post on it so it took me a while to photograph the looks to go with this post.

The 6-color palettes feature gorgeous shades that you will enjoy using until they run out. There's a blending, brow bone, lid, smoky, gradient and glittery color in each palette, colors which you can use in different permutations - sky's the limit! There's also a dual-ended brush that works pretty well considering how tiny it is, but I would still prefer a full brush.

Budding makeup enthusiasts will love the Rich Caviar palette in particular as it has the basic shades and textures you need as a jump-off point for other, more complex looks. You can check my Makeup for girls with glasses tutorial to see this baby in action.

Top: Bone, Candlelight, Wheat / Bottom: Olive Sparkle, Black Topaz, Rich Caviar

Rich Caviar has Wheat (matte light tan) and Candlelight (golden champagne) which for me are two must-have eyeshadows. Olive Sparkle (glittery olive green) that's nice for adding more dimension and glamour to the eyes. Black Topaz (blackened forest green) and Rich Caviar (chocolate charcoal) are great for lining the eyes or for an intense smoky look.

Light day look wearing Rich Caviar - Candlelight on lid, Wheat on Crease, Rich Caviar on the lash line

Smoky look - Black Topaz as base on lid, topped with Olive Sparkle. Blended on crease using Wheat.

Black Pearl is for the purple and gray lovers out there. I'm wild about the Black Velvet Sparkle eyeshadow! It has this super fine twinkly shimmer that flashes blue, pink, and green when hit by light. I haven't seen anything quite like it - only Bobbi Brown makes shimmer like this, IMHO.

Black Velvet Sparkle

Two new colors are also included in this palette: Oyster Grey (pearlescent silvery gray) and Denim (matte light gray). I'm having a bit of trouble making them show up in my medium Asian skin, so I make sure to use a great eyeshadow base and to layer them properly. I reckon cooler, fairer skin will have no trouble showing these colors.

Top: White, Tin, Black Velvet Sparkle / Bottom: Oyster Grey, Denim, Charcoal

A bit blurry so you can see the sparkle

As with all Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, the quality is amazing. The eyeshadows are pigmented and opaque, soft and hazy when they need to be. The mix of textures ensures that there's something for a simple day look or a dramatic evening affair. Just remember to always use a darker base for the glitter eyeshadows, as Bobbi doesn't make them to be opaque. They're more for adding texture and glimmer to the eyes.

These palettes are expensive but if you love the colors and don't mind the price tag, go for it. :) Like I said earlier these are out of stock in Rustan's, so best check the Bobbi Brown store in Mall of Asia (in front of MAC) to see the limited edition products. 

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