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Last week in Instagram: Desserts, a party, and a summer cut

The art of talking about nothing takes years to master. Sometimes you do it so well that you forget you're doing it - you just catch yourself at an odd moment and think, "What the hell am I saying to this person? It's all just empty jabber!" This happens to me a lot lately. Sometimes the phenomenon manifests itself on this blog, but at least I can edit it out quickly. 

I was never that girl who wore her heart on her sleeves so I painstakingly watch what I say to make sure that I give nothing away. But with the constant self-editing comes a decline (or even a complete lack) of substance in my conversations with other people. That won't do! I hope to be more open in the future.

Anyway last Saturday I held a party for one of the brands I'm working on, which is Dakasi. It has the yummiest milk tea for me - it's creamy, not too sweet, and made with a freshly brewed tea base everyday. But I am supposed to say that. Just try it and taste the difference. ;) As with everything else on this blog, I won't recommend anything I can't stand by.

Recos: try the classic Bubble Milk Tea (best seller) and Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea (my other fave)!

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Last couple of weeks in Instagram: A chick lit world

I want to write a book someday. It's probably going to be chick lit, nothing deep, as it happens that I live in a world straight out of chick lit. But I won't be the clumsy albeit well-meaning heroine; I'd be the side character who has no patience for bullshit. I'm just not vicious enough to be the villain! How about you, which character would you be in that genre?

So chew on that, haha. In the meantime, here are some interesting snaps of my last two weeks.

I bought this shirt for P200 at SM Hypermart along C5. Crazy right? I love it! Hope I can come back to hoard all the other colors!

This would be my ideal Sunday afternoon makeup - very light and fresh. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Petticoat, Fairydrops Platinum Mascara, MAC Girl Boy, and Etude House jellybean lipstick

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Last week in Instagram - Too pretty cupcakes and ooohh products

I have so, so many photos from last week! I already had to cut down considerably but I can't possibly not post these pictures. Last week was quite eventful, with my birthday plus quite a few meetings and deadllines in between. It's a challenge to stuff all my activities with only 24 hours a day, but I owe it all to my new associate, Denise, who is awesome by the way. 

Here are the pictures!

Was at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Glorietta yesterday. Pretty cupcakes and even prettier place!

I go weak for blueberry cheesecake in any form and shape

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Last week in Instagram - Japanese pretensions, fashionably fat, and money wisdom

When you're feeling under the weather and your face is reflecting that, one word: blush. A good flattering blush can do wonders for drained and dull skin! Throw in a bright lipstick and no one will ever know how crappy you feel...unless you're the sort of person who enjoys making other people cringe. Not necessarily a bad thing. I don't know.

Anyway, here's my past week in photos! :D

Late lunch at Watami yesterday with my mom

Sac People eco bag. Neat idea! They have tons of other designs I think.

A grandiose room in Fernbrook Gardens


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Last week in Instagram: Busy bee, sneak peeks, Snapsmania

I've been a little out of it lately when it comes to blogging. I have so many products that I haven't even gotten around to using, invites I haven't fully read, that I have been feeling quite overwhelmed since 2013 started. On top of that the comments section is buzzing with so much useful information and requests! These are good things, I know, but it has become increasingly difficult to track and act on things. 

Solution: better organization and time management. :) Anyway, here are photos from last week. One reason you should follow me on Instagram (hehe): I post mini-reviews/ first impressions of products I have received or currently reviewing. It's a quick way to find out what's new(ish) in beauty!


Got this last Saturday - Fuwari Hair Styling Mists (heat protectants), which are now out in Beauty Bar for only ~P400. It's popular in Japan and a Tricia Gosingtian favorite.

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Instagram stories

Eight years ago when I started blogging, I would write little vignettes about life-changing realizations that are numerous when one is 17. They were poorly written and attempted to be deep and thoughtful. I enjoyed writing them but like an old pair of flimsy but well-loved shoes, I put them away. There are many other things to write about, things that are useful to people other than myself.

I still have a personal diary of sorts though - that's where Instagram comes in. Pictures in particular convey the daily texture of my life more conveniently than any other medium. Not better but Instagram does take less time; I like remembering things.

Here are some pics from last week!

Woke up to a misty sunrise today. I'm lucky the window faces east.

My perfume and accessory storage. I place them in my armoire. They're together because they are the last things I wear before I leave the house.

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My weekend in Instagram: Benefit, BU4, my mother, and menudo

I told you, I would be posting A LOT of Instagram photos now that I have a new phone with a great camera. :P That said I had a busy weekend going to events and spending time with my family. My gahd, can I just say, it's such a hassle to shop these days! But there are so many new drool-worthy pieces that I just sucked it up and fell in a loooong line at the cashier. I didn't even go to the fitting room anymore!

Here are some of the things I got. That stringy object is a skirt. It looks terribly fun to wear, but I hope I won't regret it when I have to make it work! I'm also on a pastel kick, again. Conversely I'm trying to find more emerald green clothes/shoes to wear because that's the color of 2013. However, it looks like most local brands haven't caught up yet.

I'm curious, does the Pantone Color of the Year appeal to you? I mean, do you buy stuff in that color?

And this my dears is Benefit's newest product: Fine One One! It's a lip and cheek tint that has a highlighter on the side. Yes it's three shades in one tube but the colors blend easily as they're meant to be initially sheer. Fine One One is coming out on January so look out for it then. ;)

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My week in Instagram (or too busy to take a boatload of photos)

Hi folks! It looks like a beautiful week ahead! I spent last night and the wee hours of the morning watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Howl's Moving Castle (for the nth time). That resulted in very vivid dreams, I tell you, but at least the headache that has been plaguing me for the past three days is gone. So yay for that.

Anyway, here are the photos I took this week!

New favorite bangles from Pinkbox! Wonder woman ang peg. Thanks @nellysee @pinkboxph

Grilled chicken and potatoes for lunch. Yes I take photos of my lunch. Bite me!

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My week in Instagram (or even more gratuitous pictures of food)

I've been terribly busy last week so I haven't had the chance to take as many photos as I want. The only time I get to take a breather is when I'm eating; hence the gratuitous food portraits. Hehe. Enjoy!

Doodle earlier at a meeting. "He never came." 

Made mechado for dinner. It took me two hours to make! The beef is of some unknown type of diamond.

Bought these Grendha sandals yesterday at Bambu BHS. It's the perfect errand/rainy day flipflops.


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My week in Instagram (or more pictures of food)

You can get a pretty good idea of what a person is really like when you check his or her Instagram feed. Pictures do speak a thousand words, and I so enjoy listening! In a sense.

Here's what peppered my week.

Cooked grilled rosemary and lemon chicken for dinner.

Tried using this sea sponge with warm water to remove my makeup last night. Think I need more practice!

Dreaming of salmon.

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Instahipster at Instagram

I've been using Instagram a lot lately. It's a fun way to capture moments, a state of mind if you will, and share them visually. I like it because I get to remember the little details of my life without having to write down 300 words to do it.

Here are the photos I took this week! 

I want to have a pink bike someday.

Snaps the ridiculously photogenic pomeranian looking out the car window. Like a monsieur. 

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