My weekend in Instagram: Benefit, BU4, my mother, and menudo

I told you, I would be posting A LOT of Instagram photos now that I have a new phone with a great camera. :P That said I had a busy weekend going to events and spending time with my family. My gahd, can I just say, it's such a hassle to shop these days! But there are so many new drool-worthy pieces that I just sucked it up and fell in a loooong line at the cashier. I didn't even go to the fitting room anymore!

Here are some of the things I got. That stringy object is a skirt. It looks terribly fun to wear, but I hope I won't regret it when I have to make it work! I'm also on a pastel kick, again. Conversely I'm trying to find more emerald green clothes/shoes to wear because that's the color of 2013. However, it looks like most local brands haven't caught up yet.

I'm curious, does the Pantone Color of the Year appeal to you? I mean, do you buy stuff in that color?

And this my dears is Benefit's newest product: Fine One One! It's a lip and cheek tint that has a highlighter on the side. Yes it's three shades in one tube but the colors blend easily as they're meant to be initially sheer. Fine One One is coming out on January so look out for it then. ;)

Bianca Valerio hosted the Benefit event last Saturday. She introduced the brand's latest campaign where local celebrities posed as iconic Benefit characters. Maggie Wilson (Spygal of Porefessional) and Phoemela Baranda (Honest Leah of They're Real Mascara) were there to talk about it. :D

After the Benefit event in Greenbelt I headed over to the Blogger's United 4 bazaar. I just said hi to my favorite bloggers! I didn't sell anything because I don't have much, but it was fun to meet a couple of readers and to hang out with my friends. That's Martha and Sophie up there!

I went home to new sunglasses, one of which Snaps liked immensely. :P These are from FLY Shades btw! 

We had Sunday morning breakfast at Recovery Food in The Fort. It's open 24/7, lets dogs in, and has pretty nice food. I love the tapa! They have an option to have it with talangka rice and it's absolutely divine...not for my cholesterol levels but who's counting on a Sunday?

And this is me 30 years later. :P My mother and I look uncannily alike, too alike if you ask me. She looks exactly like my grandmother also, so I pretty much know what I'm going to look like in my 50s and 80s respectively! I've seen old photos of them when they were my age and we all appear like carbon copies. It's surreal when I think about it.

Friday night I made a HUGE batch of menudo. I like eating this as is, no rice, because the potatoes are enough for me. It's fairly easy to cook - just dice potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. Boil the pork for around 30 minutes, add the sauce, then add the veggies. Season to your liking - the end!

This simplifies things. I like the Del Monte Menudo Sauce better than Mama Sita's, because the latter tasted odd. It's a different kind of menudo than I'm used to.

It cuts the time you spend seasoning and testing the flavor. I use three packs of this for every kilo of menudo. I like menudo, what can I say.

So there you go! How was your weekend? :D

PS I'm @lizlanuzo on Instagram btw! I also post photos on Twitter, @lizlan.