Last week in Instagram: Desserts, a party, and a summer cut

The art of talking about nothing takes years to master. Sometimes you do it so well that you forget you're doing it - you just catch yourself at an odd moment and think, "What the hell am I saying to this person? It's all just empty jabber!" This happens to me a lot lately. Sometimes the phenomenon manifests itself on this blog, but at least I can edit it out quickly. 

I was never that girl who wore her heart on her sleeves so I painstakingly watch what I say to make sure that I give nothing away. But with the constant self-editing comes a decline (or even a complete lack) of substance in my conversations with other people. That won't do! I hope to be more open in the future.

Anyway last Saturday I held a party for one of the brands I'm working on, which is Dakasi. It has the yummiest milk tea for me - it's creamy, not too sweet, and made with a freshly brewed tea base everyday. But I am supposed to say that. Just try it and taste the difference. ;) As with everything else on this blog, I won't recommend anything I can't stand by.

Recos: try the classic Bubble Milk Tea (best seller) and Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea (my other fave)!

Bloggers at the Dakasi dela Rosa branch. ;) Yummy food and drinks make for a nice Saturday afternoon.

And this is pretty much what I did all day yesterday. Ni no Kuni is an amazing game - obvs! It's Studio Ghibli +Level-5 which means nothing can possibly go wrong.

Another thing I tried to play but I think I lost it

This fresh pasta is delicious! I will get more! This company also makes fresh ramen - I haven't tried making ramen before but it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll post a recipe when I do. If you're interesting in getting these fresh pasta/noodles just email me and I can hook you up.

Lunch the other day. This is the way to getting a flat stomach stat - just each veggies and chicken for a week!

...but who can resist this? Speculoos-flavored BONO Gelato

And that is why I'm fat.

True blue gel moisturizer from Celeteque. Got feedback and most people seemed to like it. Ma-try nga!

Cute color combination. A palette from the Artdeco Butterfly Dreams collection

Like butterfly wings

Cure, a famous Japanese gommage exfoliator, is coming to Manila next month. Have you tried it already?


Accidental summer cut for Snaps. I miss the fluffiness but it's better this way - it's so hot and the heat makes him shed like crazy!

He was a little sad about it but well there is nothing to be done. It'll grow back in two months.

So that's what happened. How was your week? Any interesting new finds or events?