Project Vanity finally has its own Instagram account - please follow!

For the longest time I've wanted to put up a separate Project Vanity Instagram account. I never went through with it because I wanted to keep all my activities and musings in one place at @lizlanuzo. But now I think it's high time to have a dedicated beauty account for this blog on Instagram! There's just waaaay too many things going on my personal account that I tend to hold back on posting my beauty stuff in the interest of keeping everything balanced (whatever that means).

On @projectvanitycom, I'll post some exclusive content that may not make it on this blog - or anywhere else. That would be quick swatches, more event coverage, everyday picks, new press kits and FOTDs! Hope you could show it the same love you've shown my personal page. I will still def post kikay things on @lizlanuzo but if you want moar of it then you should go hit that follow button on my new account. Oh and let me know what you want me to post about too! See ya there! <3