My week in Instagram (or more pictures of food)

You can get a pretty good idea of what a person is really like when you check his or her Instagram feed. Pictures do speak a thousand words, and I so enjoy listening! In a sense.

Here's what peppered my week.

Cooked grilled rosemary and lemon chicken for dinner.

Tried using this sea sponge with warm water to remove my makeup last night. Think I need more practice!

Dreaming of salmon.

Working on the dining table with Ancient Aliens playing in the background.

Weirdest name I ever got while waiting for my drink? "Iss"

Late night snack - tofu in my special sauce. I am literally starving. #peroinstagrammuna

Yesterday's shoes. Such a pretty pair but they are weirdly painful.

Lunch today at Felix. Bangus with salsa and laing. Didnt eat the rice, hmp.

I always get melon or watermelon shake in all the restos I go to. Whats your default drink?

New bag coming out in @ferrettishoes! Pomelo pink + tuquoise = Katy Perry during her Californina Gurls phase

Beautiful shoes but barely walkable. HOW DO THEY DO IT. Can never conquer an arch higher than 3 inches. Whats your heel/arch limit?

Wearing my @PinkboxPH hair lace, also trying the new Etude House BB cream. Re the bb cream - so far so good! (Pimple alert ugh. It has subsided now though, thanks to VMV Hypoallergenics Red Better Spot Corrector.)

Cooked dinner earlier - grilled herb chicken with veggies and salsa. Swear the chicken isnt sunog!

Earlier at the MAC Hey Sailor! retail event - tap dancing model!

Yummy shabu shabu for dinner with my parents.

New goodies from MAC. Digging the tinted lip conditioner.

Snaps is the ultimate busybody. He hates missing a thing so he climbs up tables and chairs to survey his territory. Of course, getting down is a different matter entirely.

Currently playing Alice: Return To Madness. I'm a gothic mermaid.

Dinner tonight - vegetable and chicken sopas. No pasta.

So that's what happened. :) Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @lizlanuzo and Twitter @lizlan. See ya there! I follow everyone on Instagram!