Last couple of weeks in Instagram: A chick lit world

I want to write a book someday. It's probably going to be chick lit, nothing deep, as it happens that I live in a world straight out of chick lit. But I won't be the clumsy albeit well-meaning heroine; I'd be the side character who has no patience for bullshit. I'm just not vicious enough to be the villain! How about you, which character would you be in that genre?

So chew on that, haha. In the meantime, here are some interesting snaps of my last two weeks.

I bought this shirt for P200 at SM Hypermart along C5. Crazy right? I love it! Hope I can come back to hoard all the other colors!

This would be my ideal Sunday afternoon makeup - very light and fresh. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Petticoat, Fairydrops Platinum Mascara, MAC Girl Boy, and Etude House jellybean lipstick

My first BDJ Box! It's full of Shiseido! Will write about it once I've photographed it.

Mini-lipsticks are extremely handy

Etude House nail polish from the new collection. I wore this for over a week, that's how much I liked it.

With Marj at the Magnum press conference. Expect to see more of that dress! It's just from Forever 21. ;)

Brownies and strawberries at the Magnum event. Have you tried the new flavors btw? I love the Chocolate Brownie! Better than the Almond one IMHO

Charles & Keith heels. So pretty but sooo high.

A friend gave me this for my birthday knowing how much I loved the book from waaaay back

Dakasi halo-halo milk tea. I felt so full after drinking it! It's like a full meal.

Chicken quesadillas from Apt 1b in Rockwell. Yum.

Again from Apt 1b - this ringer/buzzer for waiters. I wish all restos would have this!

Not mine, it's Karrots' heirloom pendant turned ring. Donya boost!

Karrots and Ms Nelly of Pinkbox at Live Love Lolz. Watch that episode here! Learn about what a "promposal" is!

I wear these Gold Dot flats all the time. The spikes go well with everything.

And this is pretty much what I did all day last Sunday. Civilization Revolution! Technological Victory!


More Snaps

So there you go. :D How have you been!