My week in Instagram (for lack of a more imaginative title)

I have so much fun Instagramming, I decided to do this every week. Think of it as my diary of sorts! Here are some of the things I am loving right now.

Trying out the @DaphneOP Homescent in mint jasmine. Smells fab but not obnoxious.

Oh gosh! I've been looking for these two for over half a year now. Just found them in an old bag. 0_0

Love this brewed jasmine tea! Bought it in S&R for only P60 a liter. Saves me time from making tea in the AM, will hoard.

My fave salad, piled with lots of crumbly feta cheese. <3

This dog sure has a wide range of facial expressions.

I rarely have breakfast or lunch when I'm home, so I have brunch! Cooked stir fry beef with broccoli today.

Look alike? Getting there! :p Incidentally, am loving my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink.

Snaps Face #127: "I do not approve." @marcopalinar

Got this in the mail today - a pink box full of Etude goodies from Korea. So many intriguing stuff!

Some nail stickers and sponges.

From Clinique naman - the Pore Refining Solutions line is coming this July!

Dinner is sweet and sour fish fillet with steamed carrots. Running out of ideas here!

I dont know what this is but I've decided to use it as a foundation/concealer sponge. If you know what it's for lemme know!

The dog needs to be de-fluffied soon! There is such a thing as too fluffy!

Snaps in the special chair.

Am still queasy from the shrimps I ate last night. They werent even worth the threat of food poisoning.

And that's it! Luckily I did not get food poisoned. Whew. I did go home with a weird stomach and headache though but s'all good. :) Follow me on Instagram (lizlanuzo) and Twitter (@lizlan) okay? Thanks!