Majolica Majorca Psychedelicious Collection

I've always thought of makeup as very much like candy. They're bright, colorful, and cheery - just without the calories! Personally I get the same amount of joy when gobbling candy and applying makeup. Does that make me crazy? *enter: mental image of Liz stuffing candy in her mouth with makeup piled in heaps around her* Um, I hope not!

Anyways, I would just like to present Majolica Majorca's latest collection: Psychedelicious! It's like a vivid candy fantasy brough to life in the form of makeup goodies. There are new products like a shimmery, fragrant body powder and a brow mascara. Check 'em out!

Highlights are the new Lash King (in Brown yay), new shades of the Cheek de Puff, and the most interesting of all - the Brow and Lash Colorist! It's a brow mascara that's waterproof (I know, I checked) and comes in two prettifying shades. So excited to get my hands on this one. ;)

And that's it! These new products should be out this week or the next. :) I want to know: which one are you most interested in and why? 

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