My week in Instagram (or even more gratuitous pictures of food)

I've been terribly busy last week so I haven't had the chance to take as many photos as I want. The only time I get to take a breather is when I'm eating; hence the gratuitous food portraits. Hehe. Enjoy!

Doodle earlier at a meeting. "He never came." 

Made mechado for dinner. It took me two hours to make! The beef is of some unknown type of diamond.

Bought these Grendha sandals yesterday at Bambu BHS. It's the perfect errand/rainy day flipflops.

Cooked tomato soup for lunch. It's the perfect healthy, hearty, and herby light meal fir this weather.

Snacking on pistachios. Yummy!

The glorious Mamou steak we had for dinner. <3 

On the other hand, I was taken aback by the pork sinigang. It's...stew. Looks like kare kare but tastes like sinigang. Confusing!

Snaps has a secret identity.

Dinner yesterday at MOMO - baked beans, grilled sausage, coleslaw.

Yesterday's look was uncomplicated - black jump suit + elevated flip flops. Done!

Madz with her doll. So happy to see this girl again! To old friends.

Forgot to share this one: my favorite drink from S&R. Fresh pure fruit juice.

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