Instahipster at Instagram

I've been using Instagram a lot lately. It's a fun way to capture moments, a state of mind if you will, and share them visually. I like it because I get to remember the little details of my life without having to write down 300 words to do it.

Here are the photos I took this week! 

I want to have a pink bike someday.

Snaps the ridiculously photogenic pomeranian looking out the car window. Like a monsieur. 

Hands down the best serum I've tried so far. :)

Still life: bacon, eggs, and french toast. #art #inanity

Sinful cake from Makati Shangri-La. Nothing like chocolate to cheer one up in the morning.

Having several glasses of lemonade to battle this nasty cold.

Majolica Majorca's upcoming collection features new Cheek de Puffs, brow mascara, scented shimmer powder, brown cream eyeliner and Lash King. Cute as always!

Bought these strappy sandals from Nine West two years ago. Only wearing them now that theyre back in style. #fashionvictim

This is quite possibly the most useful thing I ever got in a press kit. Can you guess what it is?

So yeah, I'm on Instagram at lizlanuzo. Follow me then leave your name in the comments so I can follow you too! ;) If you don't Instagram, I post my photos also at Twitter - I'm @lizlan there. See you around!