Beauty UK Lipstick in Passion

I hope that, after all this time, you're not yet tired of me rambling about lipsticks like a lunatic. I can't help it when there are nice new ones though, which is the case with the Beauty UK Lipstick in Passion (P265 at The Makeup Suite).

This is a crazy neon pink-red lipstick. Neon is the operative word here - it's so bright you can spot it from yards away! The formula is pretty nice with a thin texture that has a slight minty taste and scent. 

The staying power amazing. It's opaque and leaves a very strong stain even after eating. I don't know if that's the case with the other shades in this line, but with Passion, expect it to stay for a good five hours. It can be a bit drying though so keep a lip balm handy. 

Pink reds are warm-toned so they look more flattering on Pinay skin compared to blue-based pinks

Overall, I would recommend the Beauty UK Lipstick in Passion specifically for color worshippers, those who love bold colors that gets them noticed. The formula has a nice texture and longevity so it's also for those who don't like to retouch. :) Grab your Beauty UK lipstick from The Makeup Suite!