Instagram stories

Eight years ago when I started blogging, I would write little vignettes about life-changing realizations that are numerous when one is 17. They were poorly written and attempted to be deep and thoughtful. I enjoyed writing them but like an old pair of flimsy but well-loved shoes, I put them away. There are many other things to write about, things that are useful to people other than myself.

I still have a personal diary of sorts though - that's where Instagram comes in. Pictures in particular convey the daily texture of my life more conveniently than any other medium. Not better but Instagram does take less time; I like remembering things.

Here are some pics from last week!

Woke up to a misty sunrise today. I'm lucky the window faces east.

My perfume and accessory storage. I place them in my armoire. They're together because they are the last things I wear before I leave the house.

I was reading this yesterday - Seven Days Beset By Demons by Shawn Cheng. I like the quote "Even the wildest passions are subject to the structure...and that is beautiful".

"While all the world teems with savage beasts and deadly sins..."

Lackadaisical Snaps

Snaps after playing with his toys

Pistachio ice cream at the end of a long week

Office wear? I like the laser-cut sleeves

I love these girls! That's Karrots and Joyce. We guested at Live Love Lolz last Thursday

The host in action

FOTD. I love purple eyeliners! This is the NYX Slide On Pencil in Purple Blaze

Recharging my Sun Jar. This is a gift from SunLife! Awesome

Cute Pinkbox ribbon I saw at the office

Snaps face

And that's it. ;) Do follow me on Instagram for more snaps! I'm lizlanuzo there. :D