Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care

Hi folks! Today I'll be talking about the Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care Line (P399). Cute packaging eh? But there's more to the lipsticks than the elaborate box. I like the curated shades included in the initial collection, as well as how long-lasting they are. The initial burst of color stays on for a good four hours; expect an intense stain as that layer fades away.  

These lipsticks contain moisturizing oils like argan and jojoba. True enough, it's not as drying as long-wearing lipsticks are wont to be. The formula doesn't cause my lips to flake or crack even if I'm not wearing any balm underneath. I would still recommend your usual balm underneath though if you have chronic dry lips.


You might need to layer to get total opacity on the lips, but I actually like the softer color that I get with only one layer. Here are the complete swatches!

Precious Pout is a warmed up pink that's fairly easy to wear with anything. Very pretty. I think this will work with all skintones.

Heavenly Pink is a cool, baby pink ala Nicki Minaj. I would recommend this only for lighter girls as it can wash out morenas. However, if you're wearing dark eyeshadows then this is an interesting companion whatever your coloring is.


Just Peachy is a tangerine coral for me. I don't see any peach, tbqh, but it still looks flattering nonetheless! Nice to try if you don't want to go all out red. Great for medium to dark-skinned girls.

Chili Pepper is a blue-based bright red. Can't resist colors like these, they always look good on me!

Bite Me is a vampiric plum-based black. Intriguing! Not for everyday wear obviously but it's a must-have if you're a makeup artist. It's a complex, on-trend color that looks fresh off the runway. 

Looks fab right? There's a catch, however. Rouge Deluxe has a waxy, old lipstick smell (must be the jumble of oils). It does fade away but if you're sensitive to scents like this then it might be a deal-breaker. I hope Snoe works on this for the next batch! Personally I don't mind since the scent doesn't linger but hey, FYI.

Overall, the Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care is something you should try if you like long-wearing, staining lipsticks. My favorite would have to be Chilli Pepper as I love its warm, feisty red! Grab a shade if there's something you like. ;) 

I'm curious, which shade if your favorite?