Last week in Instagram - Japanese pretensions, fashionably fat, and money wisdom

When you're feeling under the weather and your face is reflecting that, one word: blush. A good flattering blush can do wonders for drained and dull skin! Throw in a bright lipstick and no one will ever know how crappy you feel...unless you're the sort of person who enjoys making other people cringe. Not necessarily a bad thing. I don't know.

Anyway, here's my past week in photos! :D

Late lunch at Watami yesterday with my mom

Sac People eco bag. Neat idea! They have tons of other designs I think.

A grandiose room in Fernbrook Gardens

Super yummy ramen from Yushoken in Molino Mall

Er, my best attempt at an outfit shot.

Bokeh blouse. Got this mini-dress on sale at Forever 21 and it turns out, it's shedding glitter. 

Cute Ferretti flats <3

Love these pumps! Also from Ferretti. They're super high but still light and stable.

This P128 Moringa Malunggay lotion (available in drugstores) smells exactly like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. And it's lighweight! Win win.

Saw this on Pinterest and I did some googling. Yes, ironized yeast was advertised to help Depression Era and then post-war Americans gain weight. It was fashionable to be fat!

Have you guys heard about Wink Studio? It's the newest laser and hair waxing salon in The Fort. Price point is between Lay Bare and Strip - fairly affordable and the rooms are HUGE. Gotta try it soon.

Jill of Kikay Exchange's other blog, Frugal Honey, talks about personal finance and how you can grow your net worth. Read from the beginning! Earlier this afternoon, she was so kind to give a talk on the things she learned about saving and investing. Learned so much! Pressure her to have another one. ;)

The choco yema cupcake from Slice BHS is just lovely

Snaps and a yellow truck

Begging for more longganisa

A piercing and chilling stare!

Back to cute

Shot a tutorial for this look. One of my favorite ones in a while, and all while I was burning up. :P

And that's it! Follow me on Instagram if you're so inclined. How was your week?