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It’s Summer Forever: Five body sunscreens for different budgets and activities

While I had learned to use body sunscreen whenever I’d go swimming, it wasn’t until I became part of the PV team that I realized I needed to wear it daily as well. It’s especially important for me since I commute to work and get direct sun exposure in the process. So as much as we ensure that are our faces get all the love it needs, the rest of our body needs protection from harmful UV rays as well, even on regular days!

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Swatches + First Impressions: The VMV Hypoallergenics Blush Stick

Environment-friendly and proudly Filipino, VMV Hypoallergenics boasts of more than 30 years in the beauty industry. Their products, both skincare and makeup, are rated on their hypoallergenicity and are well-known for their incredible #skinthusiasm. Since Liz previously reviewed and loved both the Skintangible SPF30 and the Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier, we've got high hopes for their latest release, the Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks!

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Four hypoallergenic BB Creams to try

I've just recently discovered that my skin is sensitive which is why I constantly have minor breakouts. I just want to ask if you have any suggestions for hypoallergenic BB creams? One that is non-comedogenic since I'm on the oily side. Thanks for sharing! - Nina

Hi there Nina! Having sensitive skin can be a nightmare, but as long as you use new products carefully you should be fine. Just remember to do a patch test on the side of your jaw before putting the rest of the stuff on your whole face! If you're allergic to something in the product you'd see a reaction within an hour, but it usually takes a couple of days to know for sure. So, test it on that one area of your skin for a few days before fully committing to it. It's a hassle but this is the easiest way to know how your skin would react to your new find!

As you've requested, here are four hypoallergenic BB creams you can look into. One of them is a tinted moisturizer but it does what a BB cream does so I've included it. ^_^ I've picked them out based on the hypoallergenic reputation of the brands. Of course, you won't know what works best for you until you've tried it out, but at least we have narrowed down the options. Hope this helps!

The Celeteque Dermoscience Multi-Benefit BB cream (P325) has sheer, brightening coverage that should fit light to medium skin. This is great to start with if you're on a budget and is looking for barely there yet enhancing coverage. It's great for oily skin as it sets completely and has a matte finish.

Swatch of the Celeteque BB Cream. It's rather light but it blends on fair-medim skin after a few minutes. 

I loved the VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30 (P1,050) for quite a while since it makes my skin look amazing! It's hydrating but doesn't make me extra oily. And oh, VMV is really the best brand for sensitive skin. They're so OC about it that they even created a rating system for how hypoallergenic their products are - don't quote me on this, but I think they're the first skincare brand to do so.


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Oil Control Week: VMV Hypoallergenics Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier

Everybody is oily. If your skin does not oil up you're probably dead! Oil is a natural expression of our skin as it keeps the surface of our body lubricated and elastic. Some people have more of it than others and this causes problems like acne and unflattering shine. Now there isn't much you can do about your body's oil secretion levels (causes are gentic or hormonal), but there are ways to manage it - that's where beauty products come in.

Lately, I've discovered a few nifty things that can help with the oil, so this week will be dedicated to them. Allow me to bring you Oil Control Week!

I'll kick it off with a super effective product that I've been loving lately: the VMV Hypoallergenics Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier (P700). This is a toner meant to be used like any other toner, but what makes it different is its main ingredients, Aluminum Chlorhydrate and Sodium Bicarbonate. These two are usually found in anti-perspirants and deodorants.

You're probably thinking, yuck. But I swear that this is a pretty effective toner! I've been using it for about three weeks now and I have noticed that my skin is much less oily, even when I've been out for like six hours. I didn't change anything about my skincare regimen except for this toner.

This toner is matapang. It lets off a fume-like smell that can sting your eyes if you apply it too near that area; the toner itself also has high alcohol content. My skin feels super dry and tight after I use it! However it feels okay after I apply my moisturizer. 

I'll be completely honest with you, this isn't a pleasant product to use.

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A VMVery Merry Christmas: Give the gift of good skin

Have you already done your Christmas shopping? If not, I just have one reminder: make sure that your gift is something the other person can actually use. I know, I know, it's such obvious advice! But it's easy to forget in the heat of elbowing your way through the holiday mall rush. 

If you're not a fan of big crowds and passing by several stores to get stuff for different people, you should look at these VMV Hypoallergenics Holiday Sets. There's a set for the guys, kikays, mothers, and pretty much anyone in your life! They come in a nifty box made of recycled paper and tied up with a grosgrain VMV ribbon, which means that you don't even have to bother wrapping them. ;)

Here they are, with detailed info from VMV:


My VMVery Favorite Things (P1,000.00, a Php 1,725.00 value). Seven of our greatest hits, sized for on-the-“glow” portability. From basics to powerful protection, mmmoisture to multi-tasking therapy, these popular pickings are guaranteed to keep those at the top of your list skin the pink of health all year long. 

  • Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion Head-to-toe anti-aging glow! 30 mL (1 Fl Oz)
  • Id Sweat Acne and Overall Anti-bacterial Gel. Our multitasker: treats bumps, disinfects, keeps skin cool, fresh + matte. 50 mL (1.69 Fl Oz).
  • Armada Sport SPF 70. A wait-in-line-for-it fave for its skincredibly light feel + powerful protection. 15 g (0.53 Oz).
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VMV Hypoallergenics ID Monolaurin Gel for acne and skin irritations

When someone asks me about makeup in person, I always tell them: don't get me started, because I'd be hard to stop once I get rolling! I can spend an hour (or more) just talking about cosmetics, and a good fraction of that time may or not be spent giving the other person a mini-make over. Haha. I always jump on the chance to educate and inspire the best I can; it seriously makes me happy!

But makeup is just really the tip of the iceberg. If you don't have good skin to begin with, your makeup won't look flawless no matter how expensive it is. So always prioritize treating your skin first and then maintaining it to the best of your ability. You'd be happier and more confident knowing that makeup is just an option for you and not a requirement.

Anyway, today I want to talk about the VMV Hypoallergenics ID Monolaurin Gel (P710 /120 ml). It's basically a clear face and body gel that can be used to treat pimples and sweat acne, as well as a primer to keep oil at bay. It only has six ingredients, which I will break down for you so you can see how this intriguing gel works.

The main ingredient is alcohol. I know there are a ton of people out there saying that alcohol is bad for your skin, but there is bad and good alcohol! Good alcohol is not a common allergen/irritant or VMV won't put it in their products. If there's one thing you need to know about this brand, they are incredibly anal about ingredients! They base their choices on studies published in peer reviewed journals and even publish research on their own.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Savvy 60 Protective Perfector

I love the VMV Skintangible, but as fantastic as it is it has limitations due to it being a tinted moisturizer at best. Girls who are looking for better coverage, shade match, and higher SPF may not find it compelling enough. But never worry! Skintangible has a grown-up sister who can take all the heavy lifting: the VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Savvy 60 Foundation (P1,840).

This foundation is exactly like Skintangible in terms of packaging and how it's dubbed to be 75% free of common allergens. But that's where the similarity stops. Skin Savvy is a cream foundation with SPF60, six available shades, and full coverage. It lasts fairly well under the tropical heat, too! Just set it with loose powder and you're done.

However, because of these "extra" features, Skin Savvy has some down sides.

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Rave: VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30

I have so many new finds that I'm just bursting to share with you guys! That said, however, I don't want Project Vanity to be a blog that just keeps pushing you to buy things you may not even need. This whole beauty thing is not about getting the hottest products in the market. More than anything, it's about finding, out of the hundreds of products out there, the one that works for you. That's the bottomline.

So yeah, that's why I write about the things I love. :) One of my new favorites is the VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30 (P1,050). This for me is the ideal tinted moisturizer/ BB cream. It makes my skin look healthy ang glowing, with SPF30 to boot!

Texture and oil control. If you love the Armada Face Cover 30 then you'll definitely love Skinangible with the same sun screen properties plus a skin-enhancing tint. It has the same light texture that dries down quickly and doesn't feel sticky. It also would not exacerbate oiliness - in fact, in my case (combination skin), this product helps with oil control!

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VMV Hypollergenics Red Better Flare-up Balm

The VMV Hypollergenics Red Better Flare-up Balm (P1,890) is a skin-saver. Whenever I get itchy from allergies or any random irritation, I just apply this and voila! Itchiness gone. I also sometimes get rashes on my neck and hands and this works wonders to calm them down and eventually heal them.

That sounds too good to be true I know, but I've been using this for months now and it has never failed me so far. Promise!

From what I understand, the Flare-up Balm is full of anti-inflammatory and microbe-busting ingredients. It's made for rosacea sufferers, but according to the website, it's also "ideal for irritations, inflammations, redness, bites, itching, rashes + microbial infections from allergic/irritant reactions; seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, atopic/contact dermatitis + some other medically-managed conditions." 

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Visiting VMV

There are some stores that, upon first impression, look too expensive for our budgets. Sometimes though, it's just really good branding and a smart interior designer! One such brand is VMV Hypoallergenics. I wouldn't say that the products are dirt cheap, but for how effective and nicely packaged (with recycled paper, to boot) they are, I think VMV offers a great bang for your buck. Most products are under P1,500 which in the realm of good skincare is fairly affordable.

Anyway! I managed to drop by the VMV Hypoallergenics store in Powerplant the other day to pick up something. I took a few pictures of products I like / am curious about.

Check this out, VMV's reincarnated foundation! It's the reformulated, re-packaged version of their Skin Savvy Liquid Foundation.

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Sensitive skin and scalp? Here's the VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Clark Wash to the rescue!

If you have inflamed or overly sensitive skin, it's best to stop using normal drugstore shampoos with creamy textures. That's not a professional opinion ha. It's just common sense. :) Most drugstore shampoos are formulated to be aggressive with too many active ingredients that may or may not be hypoallergenic to you. Better bet on a clear shampoo specifically tailored for sensitive skin such as the VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Clark Wash (P800)!

The VMV Clark Wash is a hair and body wash for those with medically-managed conditions (such as psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis) or those who have easily irritated skin (acne, random rashes, itchiness, etc.). I used this for a few weeks and it worked pretty well for me! I didn't break out (of course) and it made my hair soft and manageable - compared to similar shampoos that is.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Red Better Spot Corrector

No matter how well I try to take care of my skin, I still break out a week or two before my period. Sometimes I get puny pimples that are easy to manage. But sometimes, like last week, I get red and angry cystic pimples on my chin or temple! Ugh. I need to see a derma for this hormone problem soon.

In the meantime, I've come across an awesome pimple treatment called the VMV Hypoallergenics Red Better Spot Corrector (P400 for 8 grams).

It's part of VMV's recently-launched Red Better line. Red Better is designed for those who suffer from rosacea, but while the rest of the line is for dealing with irritation all over the face, the Spot Corrector is specifically for inflamed acne. Oh, sign me up. I used it as soon as I got it.

I hate suspense, so here's a before and after photo of my horrid cystic pimples!

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VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70

A higher SPF number doesn't necessarily mean considerably better protection against the sun. SPF 30, for example, blocks 97% while SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays (the sun's rays that cause sunburn) already. A sunblock with SPF70 or 130 surely has more protection, but it is negligible and not enough to block 100% of the sun's UVB and UVA rays.

So yes, that should set the record straight about SPF numbers. Most experts would recommend an SPF30-50 for daily use. A higher SPF number may mean a bit more protection, but the formula of the sunblock usually suffers. It's whiter, thicker, thus making it harder to wear without looking like someone hit you with a flour sack.

Not the VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 though. I've had this sunscreen product for months now and I can say that it's pretty good! It's SPF70 but the cream, while thick, feels like a gel.

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VMV Hypoallergenics' Holiday Sets

Christmas celebrations will start tomorrow, so you should be done with your gift shopping by now. In case you aren't though, troop to VMV Hypoallergenics to get rescued! They have gorgeous holiday sets available, like this one:  

There are tons of sets out there but I think VMV trumps them all. The packaging is gorgeous - boxes come with tissue and some fluff inside, neatly tied with a grosgrain ribbon accented with mistletoe - plus you get products that your recipient will probably love. It looks expensive (but it's not since one set is on averge P1,500). It's already wrapped. The products of VMV are amazing. 

Everybody wins!

The set I have here is called Merry Goin' Round.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 30

I'm not going to scare you into using sunscreen. Seriously, you won't die extra ugly if you don't wear sunscreen. You'll just have a few sunspots, more wrinkles, and uneven skin, but really, nothing life-threatening! 

Now we have that out of the way, let me tell you about my new sunscreen discovery, the VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 30. It's great! Now I understand why it's such a popular SPF product, after years of hearing about it from friends and magazines extolling its virtues.

The VMV Armada is a non-greasy, light day moisturizer that protects your face from sun damage while offering maximum comfort. It doesn't feel like a blanket of oil and sweat on my face. Better yet, it didn't break me out! I find that most SPF products give me pimples, but that's not the case with the Armada. It didn't block my pores either.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Velvet Matte Lipstick in Coquette

I already reviewed the VMV Hypoallergenics Velvet Matte Lipstick (P1,000), so this time I just want to share this new lovely shade I got! It's called Coquette, and it's absolutely gorgeous. As in. It's a matte red with a pink undertone. I like that you can wear it as an intense red for evenings out, but if you just use it as a stain - wow! Very pretty.

Okay enough superlatives, see for yourself.

As with all matte lipsticks, Coquette can be a little drying so always wear lip balm underneath. To use it as a stain, dab on balm, then swipe a thin layer of the lipstick on your bottom lip.

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