Four hypoallergenic BB Creams to try

I've just recently discovered that my skin is sensitive which is why I constantly have minor breakouts. I just want to ask if you have any suggestions for hypoallergenic BB creams? One that is non-comedogenic since I'm on the oily side. Thanks for sharing! - Nina

Hi there Nina! Having sensitive skin can be a nightmare, but as long as you use new products carefully you should be fine. Just remember to do a patch test on the side of your jaw before putting the rest of the stuff on your whole face! If you're allergic to something in the product you'd see a reaction within an hour, but it usually takes a couple of days to know for sure. So, test it on that one area of your skin for a few days before fully committing to it. It's a hassle but this is the easiest way to know how your skin would react to your new find!

As you've requested, here are four hypoallergenic BB creams you can look into. One of them is a tinted moisturizer but it does what a BB cream does so I've included it. ^_^ I've picked them out based on the hypoallergenic reputation of the brands. Of course, you won't know what works best for you until you've tried it out, but at least we have narrowed down the options. Hope this helps!

The Celeteque Dermoscience Multi-Benefit BB cream (P325) has sheer, brightening coverage that should fit light to medium skin. This is great to start with if you're on a budget and is looking for barely there yet enhancing coverage. It's great for oily skin as it sets completely and has a matte finish.

Swatch of the Celeteque BB Cream. It's rather light but it blends on fair-medim skin after a few minutes. 

I loved the VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30 (P1,050) for quite a while since it makes my skin look amazing! It's hydrating but doesn't make me extra oily. And oh, VMV is really the best brand for sensitive skin. They're so OC about it that they even created a rating system for how hypoallergenic their products are - don't quote me on this, but I think they're the first skincare brand to do so.


Skintangible is an excellent choice if you have only a few blemishes - this + a pressed powder would be all you need during the day since it already has SPF. However, I would recommend this at best for dry to combi skin. Oily girls might find this a bit rich in texture.

The Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20 (P2,250) is a gel-based illuminating moisturizer that promises to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of dehydration lines with powerful plant extracts. This is a moisturizer and a broad spectrum sunscreen first, tinted base second. It's a great product to try if you're looking to hydrate your skin without making it oily. This is an extremely light base that won't feel like a mask after a few hours!

This comes in three shades, unlike the other two I mentioned above

Swatch of Medium

The available shades for the Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (P2,200+) can be a bit tricky, but it has SPF50 whilst remaining light and comfortable on the skin. It's also hydrating, enough that you won't need to wear any moisturizer underneath. Get this if you're more particular about SPF, especially this summer. Just make sure to get a good shade match and to set/retouch it with powder since it has a shiny finish.

Swatch of Light. It's too beige for my skintone, unfortunately. It looks ok when I wear it with powder though.

So there you go, Nina! ^_^ Guys let us know if you've encountered other hypoallergenic BB creams, because, options! Looking forward to your recos!